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World Description
You are a citizen of the great Kingdom of the Dragonborn. Simply called The Kingdom by most. For there has only been but one on this world. Since the first son of the dragon, Tholeon, found himself shipwrecked on these shores and went forth from his great hall in Mt. Leviathan to conquer the lands, all have been subject to one rule. In the over 500 hundred years since Tholeon’s passing The Kingdom has grown, prospered, and decayed. The Sons of the Dragon, as your kings are named, have ruled with a strong hand for centuries. They have carved a small bit of civilization from the wilds where over a million souls have been born to live in the haven of The Kingdom. While still a beacon on civilization among the wilderness its days of glory are long past. Having lost the thirst for adventure and will to expand The Kingdom has begun to decline. The Sons believe they no longer must be strong to prepare for the day the great prophecy would come and the dragons return to break your land. No longer the warriors of old they are content to sit in their castle in the great city of Leheath and enjoy the spoils of great men past. While there are many theories and much conjecture on the role of the mythical dragon in naming of the kingdom, it’s kings and the prophecy there has never been any proof that such wild and magical creatures have ever truly existed.
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General Notes
    • Compared to the standard DND world this one is very sparsely populated with less than 2 million total inhabitants in The Kingdom.
    • The Kingdom is not totally run down but is well past it’s heyday. It is a kingdom in decline. The last few leaders have been men of mediocre strength both of will and arm at best. They have stopped expanding and been content to enjoy the benefits of being king.
    • Many of the more “fantastical” creatures of a typical fantasy setting do not exist (dragons especially) and are thought to be simply stories.
    • Standard magical level.
    • Very few deities exist and religion tends to fall into a generic evil/good spirit/god type of system.
    • Current ruler is Deklan Cane, 8th Son of the Dragon. He is a scholarly, bit out of touch but overall fair ruler.

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