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Wed 27 Nov 2019
at 23:39
Card Spell List
It's a time-consuming process, but I'm working to create the detailed spell book for card magic based on the vanilla spell book. I can't promise to get it all done in one go (or even quickly) considering there are hundreds, perhaps as many as a thousand spells in D&D, but I'll keep plugging away at it, and keep it ahead of wherever the players are level-wise. Let me know if you have any concerns about specific spells or balance issues, I'm open to changes if someone finds a problem.

Note that the spells added by expansion books are hidden by all the spell lists I've found so far, so I'm skipping them for now.

Here's the link:

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Thu 28 Nov 2019
at 00:51
Card Spell List
I've now done all of the cantrips, and 1st level spells for the wizard class cards. Holy magic is next since we have a paladin, then I'll do some more wizard spells. If anyone has any requests, issues, or balance concerns, let me know in the ooc thread. I'm going to a pre-thanksgiving party so I might not be able to get to them for a bit.
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Sun 1 Dec 2019
at 08:10
Card Spell List
Finished the cantrips, and level 1 spells for holy magic, you can access them through the same link as before. Druidic magic is next since we now have a ranger, then I'll circle back around to wizards. (since we have no warlocks, I don't plan to prioritize that field until it becomes necessary. Unless someone wants to browse the warlock spells at the card store. Then I have no choice)