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Card Mechanics- Please Read This
So, magic in this homebrew is handled differently from normal 5e.
-Almost all spells come in the form of playing cards. The exceptions are the sorcerer class who keep their "wild magic" theme, and bards who cast magic with music.
-There are no spell slots necessary. Likewise anyone can use spell cards.
-That being said, spell card effects scale with levels in the relevant casting class. A fighter using fireball is going to do less damage than a wizard. Note that sorcerer levels don't count towards the use of any cards, but are applied to their innate spells.
-New spells can be bought at card shops, found as loot or created via "blank cards"
-Blank cards can be empowered a variety of ways depending on the relevant spell school. Clerics ask for empowerment from their gods. Druids commune with nature to gain new spells. Warlocks empower cards through trading favors with their chosen entities/forces.
-Wizard spells are slightly different as they are created by sorcerers who empower cards. This is a laborious process, taking a significant investment of time and resources. (Depending on the spell tier) Therefore while crafting spells can be a profitable occupation for a sorcerer, it's not a craft to be taken lightly. The exact details of crafting cards will be handled in a different thread.
-Cards have a cooldown depending on spell tier. Cantrips can be used once per turn, while level 1 and up will have a cooldown of 2 hours per tier. So a tier 7 spell would have a 14 hour cooldown.
-In terms of pricing, cards will generally cost 300 gold*tier, with cantrips costing 200.

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Wed 27 Nov 2019
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Card Mechanics- Please Read This
-Soulbound cards. Most people will enchant their cards to be bound to them, essentially self-destructing if that person dies a true death. (in a way that doesn't pose a danger to people nearby) New cards created by players will always have this effect unless they specifically choose not to.  (you're responsible for tracking which cards are or aren't bound, it's not something I want to personally micromanage)
You can also unbind cards at will without affecting functionality, meaning they can be gifted/traded at will. (beware angering your gods by bartering away what are essentially gifts from them)
Stolen cards aren't immediately useable, but if you can find/pay the right craftsman of loose morals, or have the card crafting skill, you can "hack" the enchantment to transfer the binding.

This is because I realized without this limitation, everyone is going to be farming tons of free cards every time they face a magical enemy, or potentially murder-hoboing passing mages for amazing high-tier magic. I don't want to discourage roleplaying, hence why theft isn't totally impossible, but I also don't want to hand out the equivalent of thousands of gold every time a mage npc dies.