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Card Crafting
Pre-guide notes:
When I say higher tier, I mean any spell tier 2 and above. Any goods/services needed for creation will be scaled according to the spell tier.

You must have a blank card, and time to commune with your god/gods. If you want a specific spell, you may petition your god to grant it to you. You will usually receive what you ask for unless it is too far outside their domain, or too high tier for your level. At that point they will give you their own choice of spells. (essentially, this is all up to dm discretion, but as long as you're not doing something totally out there like getting smite evil as an evil cleric, or asking for an overleveled spell, I won't interfere) If you don't have a specific spell in mind, and just want to use your blanks, you can choose to receive random spells. For higher tier spells, they will also ask for a service of some kind.

You need a blank card, and a natural location that is sufficiently symbolic of the spell you want. Aka, if you want a thorn spell, find a thorn bush. I'm not gonna be too picky on this front, it's more for RP. If your level is too low for the magic tier, it won't lock in, but the blank card will still be viable. Higher tier spells will require that you do some kind of service to nature, depending on what kind of druid you are. If your druidic powers come from a nature god of some kind, you may also choose to lobby them for the relevant spell the same way a cleric does.

All you need is a blank card. You can then contact your chosen entity to empower the card. They will demand some kind of goods/services in exchange for the spell commensurate with the tier/strength. Naturally you can bargain on the price. Entities will be unwilling to make a deal for a spell that is too high tier for you.

Sorcerers are the only way to create cards for this magic school. To create a spell card, sorcerers must have a blank card, and spend 200 gold*spell tier for supplies (50 for cantrips) plus supply a blank card. (base cost of 125 gold at stores) Sorcerers are also capable of manufacturing blank cards at a cost of 100 gold in supplies and 2 hours of production time.

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