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Tue 24 Sep 2019
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Starting a new character
For stats, we're using roll 7 d20, drop the lowest.

Please roll your stat results with the in-game dice roller. Just to keep things fair.

There is one additional skill, called card crafting. Anyone can take it, but only sorcerers can create blank cards with it. They're also the only ones who enchant spells with this skill. All other spell schools rely on an outside force to create the spell, (you still need blank cards) plus no other class can make blank cards. Therefore, only sorcerers really need this skill. It might be useful for thieves who want to steal cards though, since it will allow you to hack into stolen cards, and rebind them to yourself.

Since anyone can use any card, you can purchase them as part of your starting equipment. Cantrips are 30 gold, while everything else is 75 gold per spell tier. Blank cards are 15. Expensive, I know, but I don't want starting adventurers loading up on too many utility effects right out the gate. (this is actually already way below market value, but I didn't want to preclude people from picking up at least 1 extra card at start if they wanted.

For caster classes, any card that would count as part of your starting spell list is free. No need to worry about paying for those. Anything extra beyond that, though, is the price I just listed.

Warning to sorcerers: you can't use spell cards, and your spells are innate, like normal. If you have the card crafting skill though, you could pick up some blank cards, to turn into spells that you can gift to party-members, or sell.

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