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Character Creation (And Request to Join Information)
Dear Potential Players:

Thank you for your interest in the game. "Vikings and Valkyries" is an adventure system that takes its base from the "Mazes and Minotaurs" role-playing system, only instead of being in a setting of mythic Greece, we now use the rules to recreate the brutal action of Viking adventuring, complete with runes, trolls, dragon-headed ships, sword-biting berserkers and, of course, horned helmets.

Fortunately, the rules for the "Vikings and Valkyries" subset adventures of "Mazes and Minotaurs" are available for free online, and which you can find at this link:

(However please note that for basic character creation, while information for this is below, your reference book for step-by-step instructions will be the original "Mazes and Minotaurs" player's manual, found at this link:

These rules are required for character creation and for play. They are also your reference for inventory, magic and combat.

For your benefit:

Creating a Character
Creating a player-character for Vikings and Valkyries follows a very simple seven-step process:

Step 1: Select the character’s class.
Step 2: Roll the six basic attributes.
Step 3: Determine name, gender and age.
Step 4: Determine combat scores.
Step 5: Determine other scores.
Step 6: Determine wealth and equipment.
Step 7: Flesh out the character.

Step 1: Class Selection

In V&V, each player-character belongs to a class. A character’s class may reflect his occupation, vocation or social background. These rules describe twelve classes, divided into three broad categories:

Berserkers, warriors who enter a spectacular, savage fury when fighting.
Half-Giants, half-human, half-giant (jotun) hybrids.
Princes, warriors of noble or royal blood – sons or kinsmen of the various kings of Midgard.
Valkyries, warrior women who come from a unique, matriarchal Queendom.
Vikings, warriors who sail the seas of Midgard in search of adventure, loot and fortune.

Elementalists, masters of air, earth, fire or water.
Elves, ageless incarnate spirits of Nature.
Priests, servants and messengers of the Gods.
Skalds, masters of poetic magic.
Sorcerers, masters of illusion and mind magic

Hunters, expert trackers and marksmen
Thieves, masters of stealth and subterfuge

A character’s degree of accomplishment in his class is reflected by his level. All player-characters start at level 1 and will gain new levels during the course of the game, up to level 6.

Step 2: Basic Attributes

A V&V character’s physical and mental capabilities are represented by six attributes:

MIGHT (physical strength)
SKILL (adroitness and martial training)
WITS (alertness and cleverness)
LUCK (good fortune and divine favor)
WILL (resolve and self-discipline)
GRACE (charm and appeal)

Roll 2D6+6 six times and distribute the six scores between your character’s attributes.

In V&V, all player-characters are assumed to be above-average individuals, favored by fortune and fate. For this reason, if the sum of the six scores is less than 75 or if they do not include at least two scores of 13+, simply discard the six scores and roll a new set of attributes; if needed, repeat this procedure until the dice give you a total of 75 points or more with at least two scores over 12.

Once you have generated the six attribute scores, you may lower one of them by 1 or 2 points to increase another score by the same amount. This may only be done once and may not take the increased attribute score over 18.

The two highest scores must always be allotted to the two primary attributes of the character’s class. (see for reference to characters and their primary attributes; i.e., a Half-Giant's primary attributes are Might and Luck). The other scores may be distributed as the player wishes between the character’s other attributes. Each attribute score gives a modifier (‘mod’), which will be used for various calculations (See, p.5 table 1B Attribute Scores)

Step 3: Name, Gender and Age

The character’s name is chosen by the player. A character‘s gender is usually the same as the player’s but exceptions are possible. Some classes also have specific gender restrictions. A character’s starting age is normally rolled on 2D6+15 for Warriors or Specialists and on 2D6+20 for Magicians, except for Elves who are ageless.

Step 4: Combat Scores

The combat abilities of a character are reflected by several important scores, all of which are derived from his attributes, as detailed below.

A character’s Melee modifier is applied to all his attack rolls in hand-to-hand combat. It is equal to the sum of the character’s Might modifier (physical strength), Skill modifier (weapon training) and Luck modifier (battle fortune). A character’s Missile mod is applied to all his attack rolls in missile combat. It is equal to the sum of the character’s Skill modifier (accuracy), Wits modifier (alertness) and Luck modifier (lucky shot).

A character’s Initiative score reflects his ability to strike first in combat. This score is equal to 10, plus the character’s Skill modifier (combat training) and Wits modifier (alertness).

A character’s Defense Class reflects how hard he is to hit in combat. A character’s basic Defense Class is equal to 12 plus his Luck modifier. A character’s EDC (Effective Defense Class) is equal to his basic Defense Class plus 2 for each piece of protective equipment: breastplate, helmet, shield.

A character’s Hits Total represents the amount of injury he can take before being killed. It is equal to his Basic Hits (12 for warriors, 10 for specialists and 8 for magicians), modified by his Might mod.

Step 5: Other Scores

Saving Rolls

A character has four saving rolls which may come into play in various adventuring situations. Each saving roll score is equal to the sum of three attribute modifiers (which always include the Luck modifier, as a direct reflection of the character’s good fortune and divine favor).

Athletic Prowess rolls are used when characters attempt actions like climbing, swimming etc. A character’s Athletic Prowess modifier is equal to the sum of his Might modifier (muscles and fitness), Skill modifier (adroitness) and Luck modifier.

Danger Evasion rolls are used to avoid perils and react quickly to unexpected situations. A character’s Danger Evasion modifier is equal to the sum of his Wits modifier (alertness), Skill modifier (reflexes and precision) and Luck modifier.

Mystic Fortitude rolls are used to resist the effects of hostile magic and other supernatural powers. A character’s Mystic Fortitude modifier is equal to the sum of his Will modifier (strength of mind and spirit), Wits modifier (presence of mind) and Luck modifier.

Physical Vigor rolls are used to resist the effects of poison, illness, pain, fatigue and other hardships. A character’s Physical Vigor modifier is equal to the sum of his Might modifier (strength and stamina), Will modifier (willpower) and Luck modifier.

Athletic Prowess = Might mod + Skill mod + Luck mod Danger Evasion = Wits mod + Skill mod + Luck mod Mystic Fortitude = Will mod + Wits mod + Luck mod Physical Vigor = Might mod + Will mod + Luck mod

Personal Charisma

All characters have a Personal Charisma modifier, which reflects their presence, personal aura and natural leadership qualities. A character’s Personal Charisma is equal to the sum of his Will modifier (strength of personality), Grace modifier (natural charm) and Luck modifier. A character’s Personal Charisma will affect other people’s reactions when they first meet him as well as his ability to attract and command henchmen and other followers.

Special Talents
Specialists have a special score which reflects their mastery in their specialty: Hunting for Hunters and Thievery for Thieves.

In both cases, this score is equal to the sum of the character’s mods from his two primary attributes.

A Hunter’s Hunting score is equal to the sum of his Skill and Wits modifiers.
A Thief’s Thievery score is equal to the sum of his Wits and Luck modifiers.

Thus, a first-level Thief with a Wits of 16 (+2) and a Luck of 13 (+1) will have a Thievery score of +3.

Magical Abilities

All magicians also have three additional scores which reflect their magical abilities: Mystic Strength, Power points and a special talent score which varies according to their class.

Step 6: Wealth and Equipment

Each character starts the game with the equipment listed in the description of his class (as well as basic items such as clothes, sandals etc).

Characters also receive a certain amount of money expressed in silver pieces (SP). The silver piece (sp) is the basic currency unit in the world of Vikings & Valkyries but other types of coins exist:

1 gold coin (gc) = 100 silver pieces (sp) 1 silver piece (sp) = 100 copper pieces (cp)

This starting wealth can be saved for later or spent on extra equipment: see the Standard Price List. See also the rules on Encumbrance later in this chapter for more details about the weight and bulk of weapons, armor and other items.

Step 7: Fleshing Out

V&V characters should be more than a collection of statistics and a list of equipment.
Before play begins, players may choose to add various details to the description of their characters, such as his or her physical appearance and demeanor, his or her most notable psychological traits, family matters, personal history and other background elements.

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Character Creation (And Request to Join Information)
Application of Rules in Character Creation Process

Here is a sample character and the process I've used to create this character.

1. Class Selection:

I decide to make a "Half-Giant" type character. This is a warrior type character.

2. Basic Attributes:

I've rolled 2d6+6 six times:

Game Master rolled 17 using 2d6+6.
Game Master rolled 14 using 2d6+6.
Game Master rolled 9 using 2d6+6.
Game Master rolled 11 using 2d6+6.
Game Master rolled 14 using 2d6+6.
Game Master rolled 8 using 2d6+6

That's not too bad. While I could roll again because the sum of the scores is less then 75, I'm not going to for this sample character. Now to allocate the stats.  Given that the Half-Giant's primary attributes are Might and Luck, I'm going to put the two highest numbers to those stats.
Might: 17
Skill: 14
Wits: 11
Luck: 14
Will: 9
Grace: 8
Although I don't have to make any adjustments, I am allowed to do so. And for sake of this example will increase the Half-Giant's luck score slightly to make it stand out from his other statistics. Here, I will increase the luck by 2 points, which I will draw off of the Wits score.

My new stats look like this. I've also looked at Table 1B on pg. 5 of the Mazes and Minotaurs Player's manual and have added in notations for the modifiers for the stats below.

Might: 17  Mod +3
Skill: 14  Mod +1
Wits: 9    Mod 0
Luck: 16   Mod +2
Will: 9    Mod 0
Grace: 8   Mod 0

Other Increases and Decreases

Specific to Half-Giants, is a trait called "Amazing Strength", which adds +6 to the Might Score, up to a superhuman score of 24, I am nearly there with my current stats.

However, there is a downside to being a Half-Giant, being "Big and Dumb", which reduces Wits and Grace by 6 points.

Now having redistributed attributes scores I am left with:

Might: 23  Mod +6
Skill: 14  Mod +1
Wits: 2    Mod -4
Luck: 16   Mod +2
Will: 9    Mod 0
Grace: 2   Mod -4

Name, Gender, Age

Because I picked a Half-Giant, I am restricted to males only. This guy is going to be called Zugnut. I've rolled for his age now, using 2d6+15 which is for warriors and got Game Master rolled 19 using 2d6+15:

So, I've got a male Half-Giant, named Zugnut, 19 years old, who is amazingly strong, but dumb as a rock and a face that not even his mother could love.

Let's figure out his combat scores..

4. Combat Scores

We've got to figure out Paul's:
1. Melee  (Might + Skill + Luck) applied here this value is 8
2. Missile (Skill + Wits + Luck) this value is -1
3. Initiative (10, + Skill + Wits) this value is 7
4. Defense Class (12 + Luck) this value is 14
5. Hits Total (18 (for Half-Giants) + Might) this value is 24

Now to figure out his other scores...

5. Other Scores

Paul has four saving rolls, as well as Personal Charisma. Let's figure it out:

1. Athletic Prowess (Might + Skill + Luck) applied here, this value is 9
2. Danger Evasion (Wits + Skill + Luck) this value is -2
3. Mystic Fortitude (Will + Wits + Luck) this value is -2
4. Physical Vigor (Might + Will + Luck) this value is 8
5. Personal Charisma (Will + Grace + Luck) this value is -2

6. Special Talents and Magical Abilities

Zugnut is not a magician class so magical abilities is not applicable for him.

However, Half-Giants have:

Magic Resistance: Half Giants are highly
resistant to magic. They replace Grace by
Might when calculating Mystic Fortitude.

(this may be a typo in the V&V rulebook - as Grace is not part of the calculation). Here I am going to apply that we replace the Wits by Might, Which means his actual Mystic Fortitude is now an 8.

6. & 7. These are fleshing out the character, by figuring out how much gold they have and making my purchases. For purposes of this demonstration, I won't do so, but I will put up a sample character sheet next, and plug in Zugnut's values as an example of how your character sheet might look.
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Character Creation (And Request to Join Information)
Blank Character Sheet

You are by no means required to use this as your character sheet, but if you wish to make use of it, feel free to do so.

Player:                           Gender:
Character:                        Age:
Level:                            Patron Deity:
Hits:                             Class:

Attributes:                       Saving Throws:

Might:       Adjustment: +        Athletic Prowess:  +
Skill:       Adjustment: +        Danger Evasion:    +
Wits:        Adjustment: +        Mystic Fortitude:  +
Luck:        Adjustment: +        Physical Vigor:    +
Will:        Adjustment: +          Other Scores
Grace:       Adjustment: +        Personal Charisma: +

* = primary attributes





Combat Modifiers:                 Effective Defense Class:

Melee:      +                     Basic Defense Class (-)
Missile:    +                     + Shield      (-)
Initiative:                       + Helmet      (-)
Hits Total:  /                    + Breastplate (-)
                                  + Special     (-)


Magical Talent   (      )
Mystic Strength = 12 + Talent    (     )
Power Total = 4xlevel + Will mod (     )
Magical Powers:

Power Recovery =

Common Items:                                 Mythic Items:

Item    Range    Dam     Enc:


Current Encumbrance Total =          Glory/Wisdom/Exp Needed for Next Level:

Enc.  Status         Movement
15    Unencumb.      60 feet/round
20    Encumbered     40 feet/round
30    Heavily Enc.   20 feet/round
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Character Creation (And Request to Join Information)
Example Character Sheet

Player: Game Master               Gender: Male
Character: Zugnut                 Age: 19
Level:     1                      Patron Deity: Ymir
Hits:      24/24                  Class: Half-Giant

Attributes:                       Saving Throws:

*Might: 23   Adjustment: +6        Athletic Prowess:  +9
Skill:  14   Adjustment: +1        Danger Evasion:    -2
Wits:   02   Adjustment: -4        Mystic Fortitude:  +8
*Luck:  16   Adjustment: +2        Physical Vigor:    +8
Will:   09   Adjustment: +0           Other Scores
Grace:  02   Adjustment: -4        Personal Charisma: -2

* = primary attributes


Find these in the Companion Guide I can select 2 of them.
However in the case of Half-Giants, these are pre-determined by the character class itself.

1. Wrestler
2. Mountaineer


Not selected any additional ones yet, what my character would speak might also depend on my background talents as well.



Combat Modifiers:                 Effective Defense Class: 14

Melee:      +8                     Basic Defense Class (12)
Missile:    -1                      + Shield      (-)
Initiative:  7                      + Helmet      (-)
Hits Total: 24                      + Breastplate (-)
                                    + Special     (-)


Magical Talent   (Spiritual Aura)
Mystic Strength = 12 + Talent    (16)
Power Total = 4 x level + Will mod (6)
Magical Powers:

 Here I would list the spells available to Magicians if this character were a magician

Power Recovery = Here I would list the rate of recovery that a Magician class would have.

Common Items:                                 Mythic Items:

Item    Range    Dam     Enc:

Enormous Club    2d6     4
Basic Clothing           0


Current Encumbrance Total = 14               Wisdom Needed for Next Level:

Enc.  Status         Movement
15    Unencumb.      90 feet/round
20    Encumbered     70 feet/round
30    Heavily Enc.   50 feet/round

- note Half-Giants have a bonus to their movement -