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House Rules and Other Notifications
1. GM Updates and Posting Ratings Expected: Real Life always comes first. We will go at a relaxed pace, however if a majority of individuals have posted their intentions and we are waiting on one or two other people, then I may in my discretion make a make post to push things along.

If you are gone for an extended period of time (like a month or two) I will not delete your character, and will send a PM and/or r-Mail if you are absent for too long without posting. However if it becomes clear you are not returning then your access may be deleted.

2. Use of Gamebooks: I am allowing for the basic rule books and supplemental materials on the M&M website. Obviously this is a Vikings and Valkyries supplemental game we are running and I am new to this supplement. I am not an expert or know everything about how the rules apply so if a rule is confusing or you have a question about something let me know either via PM or OOC thread and we can figure it out.

3. Violence and Sexuality: this is a Mature game but not an Adult game. For the record I don't care what sexuality or sexual preference your character has and indeed they can seduce NPCs but this isn't something that should be explicate in description. The game is Mature so violence can be described in detail (and indeed, the V&V rule books discuss some maiming actions you can take in battle!) however this is not going to be a game where your character(s) go out and rape. If you are not okay with discussion of violent actions or these limitations I am placing on overt/graphic sexual actions then you might want to look somewhere else.

4. Player Interactions with One Another: See House Rule #3 above. If you desire a romantic relationship with another PC and they consent to that, that is fine by me so long, just stay within the bounds of Rule #3. Additionally, your characters may argue or want to fight one another at times, that is fine too but again only so long as your the players consent to this. There should not be a situation where one PC kills another. That will be expressly forbidden.

5. Character Sheet Management: You will have full control of adding/deleting to your own character sheet and will be responsible for doing so. If I tell you that you get 100 silver and you fail to add it, that will be on you. I will however assist with shared party inventory and other game notes as needed.

6. Limitation on Character Classes: To encourage diversity between warriors, magicians and specialists, and to avoid a load-up having too many 'Princes' or other one set type of class, I am instituting a "first come first serve" meaning that if you apply to player as say, an Elf, but we already have another player who has claimed that as their class, then you will need to select another kind of class to play.

Finally, as Game Master I reserve the right to add or adjust rules as needed.

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