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Thu 19 Mar 2020
at 22:17
Town Status
As discussed, the timeline of this game will typically be measured in weeks.  The following are options that you may choose each week.  Often (but not always) you will have some idea what threat is impending on the town, and will be able to prepare.

The town itself has certain statistics that play a part in what options are available to you as a ruler.  You can work to increase these stats.  Sometimes you will have options to invest in the town as well.

Statistic             Status              Experience
Morale                Apathetic (1)       1/2.
Economy               Destitute (1)       1/2, special requirements
Health                Moderate (3)        0/4.
Craftsmanship         Poor (1)            0/2.
Magic Expertise       Hedge Wizards (1)   0/2  special requirements.
Security              Unguarded (1)            special requirements.
Community             Split Factions (1)       special requirements.

Action                Skill      DC - DCs increase for each success level gained.
Boost economy         Appraise   10
Boost town morale     Diplomacy  10
Boost town health     Heal       18
Boost craftsmanship   Any Craft  10
Boost Magic Expertise Spellcraft 10

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Fri 3 Jul 2020
at 20:22
Town Status
Each week, Tabitha may take a series of actions intended to help herself or the town.  Developing town status, redoubling efforts, reap, and ravage are all straightforward choices and outcomes, with minimal narrative.  Investigating leads, as well as the monthly challenge, is what results in true roleplay.

Develop town status: Tabitha may spend a week to make a skill check to build the town's attributes (See chart below).  She will have various followers, each of whom has the capacity to boost her rolls or otherwise help her.
    Redoubling Efforts: If Tabitha fails on a check and chooses to invest the next week attempting the same check, she gains a +2 to the next roll.

Investigate Leads: Tabitha takes the week to follow up on leads for either upcoming challenges, or to expand the narrative of the story.  Choosing this option will lead to a narrative chapter where we roleplay through how you follow up on it, with varying outcomes depending on your actions, often gaining resources or recruiting companions.  There will always be plenty of leads.  However, if you focus entirely on leads, your town will suffer.

Reap: Tabitha may spend a week utilizing a town's attributes to gain a tangible benefit.  This action is respectful of the community, and takes only what can be taken without harming it.  Thus, the benefits can be minimal.
    Ravage: Tabitha plunders her town, taking what she needs, regardless of the well-being of the community.  This immediately reduces town attribute by 1 level, and gives a major benefit.

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Tue 7 Jul 2020
at 03:57
Town Status
I like this I will probably spend 2 weeks bolstering the town the first will be morale the second depends on the results of morale and will be economy if I success don't have my character sheet in front of me so I will get to you when I have that available.
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Tue 7 Jul 2020
at 17:08
Town Status
For the moment, let's finish roleplaying through your conversation with Kiara, then we can jump into the weekly timeplan, if that works for you.  That way, you don't 'lose' time.