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The Map
Under Game Map in the upper left corner, you'll find a mostly blank map that shows what Tabitha can see/recall.  Here are the important things to know about it at this point:

1.  At your current speed, each hex has a base timeframe of 15 minutes to cross.  These are fairly long distances.

2.  If you become fatigued, it takes 30 minutes rest to get rid of the condition, unless you use an ability or spell to do so.

3.  Forests are difficult terrain.  You can ignore that, and move through them at normal speed with a successful DC 13 Concentration check, or DC 16 Acrobatics or Reflex.  However, if you make one of these checks and fail, you are fatigued.

4.  Plains are easy to navigate, and take no check to succeed in 15 minutes.  If you choose, you can make a DC 14 Endurance check or DC 16 Athletics check (take the highest score of your Jump, Climb, or Swim).  If you succeed, you'll be able to move a second Plains tile in the same turn (so 2 tiles in 15 minutes).  If you fail, you are either fatigued, or attacked by predators, depending on how vulnerable you are.  Spending consecutive actions on Plain tiles without going other places makes you more vulnerable, as does fatigue.

5.  Rivers are dangerous, not so much in the crossing, as in the heat loss of doing so.  Entering a River tile is no cost, but exiting it requires a DC 12 Swim check.  Failure indicates you made no progress, and are still in the River tile.  Each turn spent in a river reduces your heat.  Even a single tile will require you to take action to warm up, such as build a fire, or cast Endure Elements.

6.  Other check will come up as we go.  Right now, you can only see 2 tiles away.  Once day breaks, you'll see in unbroken lines until something blocks your sight (like a forest tile).

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