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Sat 5 Oct 2019
at 23:53
Welcome to the Marketplace,

In this thread, players from Cathyria, Book II can come to sell their loot and purchase new items. All buying and selling now takes places here, except in special situations related to your game. How does the Marketplace work? Easy! Here are some basic instructions on how to use the Marketplace thread.

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To access the Marketplace, your character needs to be close to a town or any location where a merchant can be found. He also need to be in a situation where it would not be unreasonable to go and visit one of these merchants. If this is the case, then he can sell his loot here in the Marketplace or even buy new equipment, all without having to interrupt his ongoing Quest. Upon concluding his transaction, his inventory is then updated in the game (no matter where he is) as if he had gone to the marketplace there in his normal thread.

To buy or sell anything, you simply need to make a post here in the Marketplace thread declaring what you wish to Sell and Buy. You may do both in the same post.

Remember to include the gold value and quantity of each item
*please include the size also, if unspecified the default is medium

When creating a transaction, please format as follows:

place into a quote box, like this
then include all sales with gold value next to it
BUY: in RED (you lose gold so red)
SELL: in BLUE (you gain gold so blue)


45 gp: 3 x 15gp Longsword (m) <- specified like this
150 gp : 1 x Suit of chainmail <- or unspecified like this for medium size
195 gp

6 gp: 2 x 3gp Shield, light wooden (s)
60 gp: 2 x 30gp Shortbows (s)
10 gp: 1 x (5gp*2) Greatclub (l)

76 gp

-195gp + 76gp = -119gp

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Sun 6 Oct 2019
at 11:46
Iryn, beginning with 180 gold, purchased the following starting gear:

100g: 1 x Chain shirt (25 lbs)
30g: 1 x Shortbow (2 lbs)
5g: 1 x Spell Component Pouch (2 lbs)
10g: 1 x Acid, flask (1 lbs)
5g: 1 x Artisan's Tools (5 lbs)
3s 3c: 1 x Crafting Material: Acid (1 lbs)
8g: 1 x Ink (--)

158g 3s 3c

He also brought the following gear from home:

Traveler's Outfit (5 lbs)
Arrows x40 (6 lbs)
Pouch, Belt (1/2 lbs)
Backpack (2 lbs)
Bedroll (5 lbs)
Candle x5 (--)
Case, Map (1/2 lbs)
Flask (1 1/2 lbs)
Flint & Steel (--)
Inkpen (--)
Parchment (--)
Ration x4 (4 lbs)
Sewing Needle & Thread (--)


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