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Sat 5 Oct 2019
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Welcome to the Vault,

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This thread serves as the group storage for players in Cathyria, Book II, not unlike a bank. Here players can stash items that would otherwise overburden their character, or simply act as a group inventory for the various amounts of loot gained while playing the game. Having the group storage in the form of a thread has the critical benefit of being easily accessible and viewable by all players. In addition, all withdrawals and deposits from the Vault are recorded, making it much harder to lose track of important items.

To use the Vault thread, your character must first be in a situation in-game where it would not be unreasonable for them to access their storage. Storages may take the form of a chest, a ship, or even a castle. In short, you can't retrieve an item from your chest if your chest is on a completely different Isle!

If the above condition is met, you may write a post below declaring whether you wish to make a Withdrawal or Deposit or Transfer (which is moving items or gold from the group inventory to a personal stash within the Vault or vice versa). You can also do any combination of three. Then list the items involved. You may make the changes in your personal inventory immediately since the relevant changes will be recorded in your Vault post. And that's it, you're done! You will receive a notification in your post confirming that the appropriate changes had been made. Withdrawals from the Vault won't result in items being deleted right away, but rather the item will be striked out for a lengthy period of time prior to deletion. You may also sell items directly from the Vault in the Marketplace without having to withdraw the item first, but you must still be in an appropriate game situation that would allow you to do so.

Remember to specify the target of a transfer! Lest the item be lost!
Also please update your weight limit accordingly

When creating a transaction, please format as follows:

place into a quote box, like this
then include all transactions (withdrawal, deposit, transfer) with quantity next to it
TRANSFER: in GREEN *target of transfer in CORAL
QUANTITY: ahead of the item

1 heavy shield

10 javelin

1 potion of cure light wounds to Carsonian

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