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Party Journal
Iryn pulled out several maps from his backpack:

World Map of Tel'Gia

Map of the Cathyrian continent

Map Notes
Ascalon: The glorious capital of the Kingdom of Cathyria, it stands as the nation's largest city. It also serves as the kingdom's port, indulging in maritime trade with other countries along the coast of the Silver Sea.

Poughton: The kingdom's largest inland city, it serves as a nexus of trade for towns and villages in the eastern half of the nation.

Glosoli: A fortified but prominent town, known for its mining and timber.

Origo: A small village on the outskirts of the kingdom, this settlement has become etched into the nation's history for being the birthplace of three of the Four Great Heroes Codith, Carsonian, and Ryin. It is also known for having trade relations with the neighboring barbarian tribes.

Whispering Hills: A region of arid, dry hills, this southern region is home to a thriving community of Hobbits. It is also the birthplace of Thybll, a Hobbit-sorcerer and one of the Four Great Heroes.

The Silver Sea: An important body of water which connects numerous trading cities in the northern hemisphere, it is said to be named for the sheets of ice that often float down from the north.

The Endless Mountains: This vast mountain range is the home of barbarian tribes, ice giants, and other formidable creatures. Travel in this region is perilous for the common man.

Wood of the Dead: Also called the Forbidden Forest, this wood is widely haunted by the undead. Travelers who venture here rarely return.

Feldauris: A human kingdom in the region of Kaudos, it lies on part of Cathyria's southern border. The Kingdom of Cathyria has good relations with this nation, engaging in trade by both land and sea.

Dormania: A dwarven kingdom in the region of Kaudos, it lies on part of Cathyria's southern border. The Kingdom of Cathyria has neutral relations with this nation, having few diplomatic interactions with them.