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House Rules
Below you will find some of the house rules I have come up with to include into the system. While I haven't fully fleshed these out some other rules are fully fleshed out. So take some of these with a grain of salt.

The Path's:

A group of people have been touched by the Blight which is an invisible force of evil that sits between our world and the world of the damned. Vampires, werewolves and other monsters do exist but they have always been shielded by the veil stops humans from knowing or seeing too much. The blight has caused the veil to completely dissolve in some locations on earth which has become a problem.

As the blight spreads it pulls more of the damned through into our world allowing humans to interact with these creatures. 

The human’s the players are Deviants, humans who have been touched by the blight in different ways.

Each human is allowed to pick a path which there are 7 of 8 to start.

The Beast - Most closely resembles werewolves or shapes-shifters
The Construct- Frankenstein monsters, gargoyles
The Cursed - Demons and other elder beings of power
The Possessed - Ghosts, Wraiths or spirits
The Heretic -Witches and Warlocks
The Corrupted - Vampires
The Decayed - Mummies and zombies
The Divided - Witch Hunters and Hunters (non-playable)

An important note is that while the human has started the transition into one of these creatures from the experience they have not yet completed that transformation. Hence the title of a Deviant. They are no longer wanted in the world of humans and they are not yet fully monsters making them a middle ground.

A deviant has no alliance to any clans or other part of supernatural creatures. We consider them an outcast of both worlds.

The player's role will try to return to their human roots. For some, this is harder than others. Once the blight fully takes control of them we lose them to the damned forever.


Humans in this game will have a new attribute called humanity. Humanity is how far removed someone is from their human self. A starting person has humanity score of 7. Each time the player hits a certain milestone they will lose humanity based upon their actions or gain humanity. At 8 they have restored their humanity and at 0 they are fully converted into one of the damned.

Each time a player losses points in humanity their resolve for their more dark side goes which means the power inside of them also grows. Vampires crave blood, zombies crave flesh, golems may seek to destroy, werewolves frenzy, heretics channel, Spirits tighten.

Each of these points can be used to increase certain stats that make the player stronger and stronger as their humanity slips further and further.

Humanity Scale:

10 Holy vessel - any means can not blight This human.
9 Above-average human being - someone who has been touched but not corrupted.
8 Typical human being - no signs of corruption.
7 Blighted Human being - very little in terms of change from a typical human.
6 Mutated Human being - This human has minor signs of blight that shine through their appearance.
5. Corrupted Human being - This human still has minor signs and might show more moderate behavior changes.
4. Gruesome Human being - This human has moderate signs of blight and their personality is changing.
3. Bestial Human being - This human has moderate signs of blight and their personality is mostly monster.
2. Horrific Human being - This human has major signs of blight and still barely control their actions.
1. Grotesque Human being - This human has major signs of blight and very rare can control their actions.
0. Damned Human being - This human has fully given into the blight and become one of the damned.

***Witch Hunters and hunters have mastered the blight and learned to control it. These half human monsters only give into their urges when they seek to destroy a creature of the damned. They forever have lost a part of their humanity which leave them at the rank of 5 forever.

Humanity Bonuses:
9-10: +2 to rolls
7-8: +1 to rolls
6-5: +0 to rolls
3-4: -1 to rolls
1-2: -2 to rolls

During certain situations a character maybe called to make a roll against their humanity. These rolls work similar to the way that physical and mental wounds work. Failing these rolls put makes against the character which comes in two forms.

Presence and Nature:

Presence is the physical ways that blight manifest itself on the character. These physical transformations work backwards before becoming full-blown. Example a blighted human may have eyes that glow in the dark or they might have a longer than usual finger nails. A corrupted human might have a leather-like skin or an uneasiness about them.

Nature are changes to a character's personality. These often take the appear of mental illness but are in fact the blight corrupting their brain and allowing them to see more of the veil. These can be things like madness, frenzied behavior.