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building your character
ability scores
array (20,18,17,14,12,13)

+2 ability score bonus points for leveling at lvl 4 and lvl 8

max at every level

campaign setting
this game is set in the forgotten realms campaign setting

starting level...continuing level
lvl 10

The game picks up with the party already in progress, the members of the party are sitting around a communal fire at a campsite waiting for a planer gate to open. While the party waits for the gate to open each party member will be asked to tell a story about one of the party's previous adventures.

starting wealth and gear
Each character will have 37,000 gp to equip their character with masterwork equipment and temporary magic items.

Characters will not start with permeant magic items, those (and more) will be given in character in the first thread.

Based upon the stories told in the first thread while the party is waiting for the gate to open end of adventure rewards will be awarded to each party member as if they were an entire party. these stories do not need to be combat centered, you are writing part of the party's back story so get creative and form connections with your fellow players.

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