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expectations and conduct
characters will talk in any color of their choice but out of character chat will be Orange

Character creation
We are using an array, the following:
16, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 9
Everyone starts with a free feat

Typos and grammatical errors happen but try and keep them to a minimum as they can be jarring.

The goal is for everyone to have fun, GM included. House rules will arise when they help everyone have fun.

Player verses player is not allowed unless both parties agree to the action. What constitutes player verses player? Skill checks,spells and attacks are obvious examples. Regardless of what is rolled if both parties do not agree to participate the outcome is no contest.

No need to keep track of ammunition or rations. The game assumes you are able adventures and are keeping a surplus as you go. There may arise situations where the GM states ammunition/rations are running low and player actions will be needed to resupply.

In an effort to keep the game moving combat will be faster paced. Rounds will be clearly labeled. The combatants initiative and status effects will be at the top. Once the party defeats a type of enemy, its health and AC will be presented as well for future encounters. In the event a player doesn't post in a timely fashion, they will be skipped. If and when they do eventually post, they will post multiple rounds of actions. example, Player A does not post in round two. Player A sees he has been skipped as the party is in round 3. Player A posts a round 2 action and a round 3 action. GM applies both actions and alter round 3 accordingly.

Please place your passive perception (PP) Armor Class (AC) and Health (#/#) in your bio to speed up combat.

New to the game? Try exploring/carousing in the downtime thread. Talking to the locals can produce interesting rumors or could point you to someone who would like to hire on the parties abilities.

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