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Sat 5 Oct 2019
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The Rules
I have some rules in which I want my players to follow.

1. Be kind to each other and if you have issues with anybody you can post it in your personal thread.

2. Each player will have their own thread to post personal things. I will post stuff in that thread that I do not want everyone know but you. I will also ask that you post your combat actions and rolls in your personal thread. It helps to keep things clean and organized in the main thread.

3. Please post atleast once every other day. If you are the center of a rp encounter i would like a daily post. Preferred if you can post multiple times in a day

4. Combat I would like to have a daily post if not a multiple in day kind of post. If you dont post I will do your combat and rp actions for you until you can post.

5. The format I like to have is as follows for all rolls.
I will let you to describe how you attack enemy. The more fancy or nice the attack I will award inspirational die.
Oracle will run up to the goblin and he will draw his sword and attack the goblin.

20:41, Today: Oracle rolled 18 using 1d20+5.  Attack against Goblin.

20:41, Today: Oracle rolled 8 using 1d8+5.  Slashing Damage .

6. Please have your characters Personality, ideals, bonds, and flaws you chose in the character descriptiopn as well as your character background and your hp passive perception on 1st biography and on the second one I would like you to put class features i.e rages, superiority dies, bardic inspiration, etc on the 2nd biography line.

7. If life gets in the way which I understand happens I would like for you post any planned or unplanned absences in your personal thread or in the absence thread, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

8. I will also allow some shenanigans if you can make seem awesome.

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