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 GM, 24 posts
Tue 8 Oct 2019
at 00:46
Vote for mature content
I want to see what your thoughts are on having mature content. Such as cursing, goriness, and sexual themes. **I don't want mean to be discriptiive with sex just say that you or the player go into a room and have adult fun and we can fill in the blank.**

If you want to the adult content say

If you don't want adult content say

The yay or nay doesn't need to be in a colored font.

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 player, 9 posts
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Tue 8 Oct 2019
at 01:01
Vote for mature content
I'd say Nay, with the caveat that if it is accepted I wouldn't mind, but not engage in it. Particularly the sexual themes. I feel it often deviates into troubles.
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Tue 8 Oct 2019
at 01:09
Vote for mature content

Itís nicer to have wriggle room and not need it, thatís my default feeling of any rpol game.

But in this case Iíd like to see IC intolerance, since itís a thing for my character.  Also a greater emphasis on violence can make combat posts more interesting to read.

As for sexual content, I favour a fade to black approach.
Parcyan Phinsey
 player, 10 posts
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Tue 8 Oct 2019
at 06:40
Vote for mature content
Well, I am mature. In this case, however, I vote for PG-13 on sexual themes just to make sure that never gets the primary focus. I've seen those elements played up and it can be very uncomfortable.

For violence and cursing I'm fine with an R-rating. A violent death should always be something possible around the next corner of the current dungeon.
 player, 6 posts
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Tue 8 Oct 2019
at 07:11
Vote for mature content
I'm a Yay.

Ability to curse and have goriness is good. So R there like Parcyan

I'm fine with fade to black on sex stuff as well. So I guess that's PG-13, also like Parcyan :)
Jankin Panmo
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Tue 8 Oct 2019
at 13:41
Vote for mature content
Concur with the PG-13 Mature way ahead.