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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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System Name: Shǐ kǒng
Shǐ kǒng 3:

A planet set about 1.5 AU from its sun.

Like Earth, there are two rocky planets between 3 and its star, but beyond that, there are no others, just a single gas giant, with hundreds of moons.
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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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Political Organization

This is a colony world. It was first discovered by Drasalite explorers, so the charter was given to them by the Galactic Council on Trade, Colonization, and Exploitation. 

The Drasalites control contracts for services and charters for colonization.

They are responsible for the terraforming efforts.

They are responsible for establishing local laws as they see fit and enforcing Galactic Council edicts.

They are famously not corrupt.
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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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The planet has near Earth Gravity.

The atmosphere has sufficient oxygen, but there are too many other toxic chemicals for safe breathing without a respirator.

The temperature is too cold for GC species to survive long without proper clothing.

The planet has limited indigenous vegetation. What grows here is toxic to the species of the Galactic Council Member Worlds.

Native fauna includes funnel worms, sand sharks, and winged rippers.

Invasive species include Slithers and Army Rats.
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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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Mixed Population:

40% Human
25% Vrusk
15% Drasalite
20% Yazirian
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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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The system itself is strategically located between “more important” systems, which gives the planet galaxo-political value. The rest of the system includes a large number of exploitable asteroids, rocky planets, and moons.

These are currently underdeveloped.

The planet itself is real estate that will, eventually, be fully inhabitable.

Planet 3 also has a number of rare elements and naturally occurring compounds, which are valuable in their own right .

It lacks sufficient water and is currently categorized as Uninhabitable Level C (Requires H/AF).
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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Terraformation: Atmospheric

Aunty Tox (V)– Bioengineering firm.
They have developed a species of lichen that draws toxins from the air and traps them in the plants.
WARNING: These fields are all considered highly contaminated!
You can tell an Auntie by their lack of hair and picket-fence teeth.
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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Terraformation: Climate

One of the largest efforts is the excavation of moholes, shafts over a kilometer wide and projected to reach up to 20 km deep, they are designed to release the heat of the planet’s core to warm the atmosphere.

Geo-Worx (V)– Engineering. They have contracts for the excavation of moholes all over the surface.
They politically fight other efforts to warm the atmosphere, such as the increase of hydrocarbons.
Geo-Produx is a subsidiary that refines the regolith extracted from the shafts through the surface.
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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Frozen water exists at the planet’s poles.

H2Oh Yeah! (H)– has a contract to mine the ice, transport it to population centers, and purify it.
In an effort to maintain the balance (or rather, make sure it stays positive)  H2Oh Yeah! Cannot extract more water than is released into the environment as waste.

They rely on ground heavy-duty wheeled transport, but seek to build a rail system, but that project is opposed on many sides.

SPACE Water 4U (V)– imports water from captured comets, asteroids, and other resources from within the system.

They are very expensive, but get a subsidy from the planetary government when demand isn’t met by H2Oh Yeah!
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Sun 13 Oct 2019
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Resource Extraction:
The largest company is Geo-Produx (V)– which uses the waste from moholes to cut extraction costs.
They also have several mines on their own, and state-of-the-art facilities for getting every bit of value from every bit of rock that passes through their hands.

The next largest is Elec Corp (D)– a home-grown institution that has allied with the Zaibatsu building the Space Elevator, led by Liftoff-tecs (V).

There are also literally hundreds of small independent mining operations all over the planet.

Typically, they explore and analyze.
If they find a location of value, they make a claim through the Drasalite government.
Then, if they can demonstrate they have the proper capitalization, they can get a contract to extract the resources.
They also have to provide a plan for refinement and export.

Contracts can also be sold.
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Sun 13 Oct 2019
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In the System, there is a space station, several astro-mining operations.

On the surface, domed cities are the standard. The Drasalites are very rigorous in regulating the manufacture and maintenance of the domes, as a crack could endanger hundreds of lives.

Habitat AGD (Y)
– is one of the leading makers of domes and also has contract for maintaining domes manufactured by others.

Most domes have an air/spaceport and some also have projectile launch systems (only suitable for cargo).

These are typically managed directly by the Drasalite government, but they have contracted with Secure4You (D/H) for security. (Many domes also use Secure4You as security.)