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New Asher
New Asher – Dome City Population 10,000/20,000

Habitat AGD built and managed with Secure4You under contract. (S4Y has about ten sec-tecs. They rely on drones for information gathering and have access to robotic “safety managers” if there is a crisis.)

Regional Seat of Dras Government.

Small air/space port – access to skyhooks.

The area is pretty lax about moral laws, personal and property crime are rare, but rigorously punished. (Unpaid expulsion)
Possession of weapons is illegal, unless you have a charter, and then only hand or non-lethal.
Weapons that could damage the dome (Most projectiles, gyrojet, explosive) are always forbidden.

100 km from space elevator site
60 km from Mohole 246 (which has resource extraction plant)
Aunty Tox has a biopurification field 50 km away.

The city itself doesn’t have any major industry, but it is a central hub for the area, so many corps have their headquarters here where they can have access to the local government officials.

There have been rumors of a few potentially lucrative mining claims being found in the district, which has begun to bring in prospectors.

Each corp has a sector of the city for its personnel. Most are gated and have a private security staff.

Neutral areas have small businesses, restaurants, boutiques, etc., and the government offices.

There is also sector for Free Pop, those not employed by a major corp, or not employed at all.

Smaller corps or non-corp businesses maintain space here as well.

This includes Guy Smiley, LLC.