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Sun 20 Oct 2019
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Combat Sequence:
1 – check for surprise
                     This will rely on spotting distances and intuition checks as necessary.

2 – roll for initiative (The winning side is Side Alpha; the losers, Side Zed)
                     Always group initiative.
                     1d0 + Highest Reaction Speed rounded up
                     Alphas cannot use holstered of similarly inaccessible weapons cannot be used during Stage 4; they are free to do so
                     during Stage - 6, provided they announce the drawing of those weapons during Stage - 5

3 – the Zeds announce their Moves
                     Once announced, that's it.

4 – the Zeds move
                     This can draw fire from the Alphas if the Zeds move within the Alphas' fields of fire.

5 – Side Alpha moves.
                     Only those Zeds who didn’t move can fire at Alphas who move through their field of fire.

6 -Side Alpha gets to resolve wrestling attempts, make remaining shots, etc.

7 – Side Zed can resolve remaining attacks.

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