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Wed 16 Oct 2019
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Rising as tall as the thesean agora, the encampment serves as shelter for travelers of all origins. A gathering of hunters, itinerant artists, gatherers and mercenaries, it functions around a massive wooden shelter. There, a tavern, an inn and an arena function in equal measures. Amidst the many languages and intentions, people negotiate everything, from seeds to fish, from books to perfumes. Nearly anything can be found here... For the right price.

[Welcome! This is the general starting area of the game, where characters meet and the adventure ensues! Feel free to join as you ready yourselves, and I'll start narrating through this thread!]
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Wed 16 Oct 2019
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A pleasant, gentle breeze carrying a faint aroma of wildflowers accompanied the youthful silvery-haired fellow's approach to the encampment. His greenish eyes and dragonfly wings glistening in the morning sun, he swiftly strode along the path leading up to the camp. The attire he was currently sporting had Celtic themes. He appeared to be glowing very softly, a slight radiance that could easily miss the casual observer's eye but definitely gave an otherworldly tone to his appearance. He was quite good-looking, and his fair skin appeared almost to shine and glitter like twinkling stars. He was carrying two scimitars whose hilts appeared to bear some sort of vine-like patterns.

Upon reaching the encampment, he took a polite bow to whoever was manning the watch, and smiled warmly.

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Fri 18 Oct 2019
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A tall human rode up to the encampment bearing the bronze breastplate, greaves, and horsehair helm of a Telamonian mercenary. Bearing no weapons aside from a pair of throwing axes at his belt, he held a pole in his hand. One end was wedged into his stirrup, the other bearing a small banner displaying a black field of stars. His red beard is trimmed short, with flecks of gray showing under the shadow of his helm.

Reining to a stop next to the colorful Fae, Eurypilus' gear appeared dusty but well-maintained. He removed his helm to reveal hair that matched his beard, and an expression both bored and impatient.
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Mon 21 Oct 2019
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The lively Faerie was already likely in jovial conversation with someone at the entrance to the camp, or at least attempting such. His voice was smooth and melodic, and he spoke poetically as if it were instinctual, almost as if he had adapted to allay any fears due to his unusual nature by charm and guile. His accent was clearly foreign but it was relatively mild.

At this point it appeared he was discussing the pleasant weather that was gracing the camp at the time.
"But of course, for the sun always smiles upon the start of a great story. I know not what is to come, but of adventure I need dream nary a fortnight for tales to inevitably be in the making."

He turned to notice the human as he rode up after him.

"And certainly I am not alone in feeling the air of a coming trial begin to gather over this wide world of ours, for it is the warrior who truly makes his movement then. Salutations, good cavalier! How are you this fine morning?"