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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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Here's the deal: Pitch the game you want me to run for you. Focus on what elements, specifically, interest you, and leave the details to me - I'll probably take your idea, fold it up, make some origami out of it, and come back to you with something similar but totally different.

We'll go back and forth on that until we agree on something.

Slots are limited! I only have so much free time! So if I get a lot of interested players I'll go with the ones that inspire me the most.


We may not consume the same media, so games based on existing properties are subject to the GM's interpretation.

Likewise, I have my own personal (leftist) politics. Whether I want them to or not, this colors the way I see the world, and thus, what the truths of the game world are. I try to be aware of it.

And remember, these games are Mature, not Adult.

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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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If you're new to GURPS I'll help you with your character. Otherwise we'll work out the specifics of character creation together.

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