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    Peace is a forgotten promise. Ever since the flags of Seluk flew against the remnants of the Imperial Concordat, tensions rose between the nine Ouranian Peoples, feeding on old grudges and broken promises. Now, even lesser colonies and once peaceful systems prepare for war, striking alliances and craving wealth and power as rewards of conquest.
    Even though Seluk was defeated, the struggle weakened the Concordat. Selukan interests in the fertile, lush worlds of the Kesh demanded the conquest of Concordat starports in order to launch organized fleets and build a supply line towards the Galactic Southern Quadrant. The sudden defeat of the Concordat excited many contractors of the Corporate Systems to approach the area offering credit and recovery plans, ensuring them a strong foothold within the center of the galaxy - an old ambition for the Corporate Union, given their current conflict with the Guildmasters of Kesh.
    Kesh itself was not unmoved by the menace. Sensing the advance of selukan forces, they’ve already started to organize an alliance, seeking out their traditional vassal areas. They’ve been pressuring the akalonian Vor and the raffian tribes to join their effort in a defensive alliance. Considering that the Scatha of Kesh once held dominion over scores of humans from the Shalenian Kingdom, it might be that they intend to prepare another invasion in the near future. Though they tried to seduce the Samalians the Sacred Eyes and the Federation to their side, these coteries hold true to their Avieri allies, remembering the legacy of their clans and the honor that binds them to both Shalem and the Samalian Empire.

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