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Tue 26 Nov 2019
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1.2 Family - Old and New (Jack)
Previously on Shadowland
Four students at Croatan College had driven a 6x6 Mercedez Benz pickup to San Diego.
At their final stop, they had witnessed an all-out battle between vampires and werewolves.
Three of them had died! All of them had been transformed into something more.

To save the unlives of two, all four had entered the shadow world of vampires in the service of Baron De La Vega.

And they then scattered to the winds to find their own part of Shadowland.

Jack wakes up. Isabella was still sleeping next to him. A clear sign that the sun hadn't set yet. Even though they sleep in a bedroom with north-facing windows and curtains that blacked out even the hint of sunlight, she always knew, and she always woke up with the setting sun as if it was the loudest alarm clock. Jack still only slept as much as he had done while he was a human, but it had only been a week.