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Thu 19 Mar 2020
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1.3 Thank You For Not Screaming (main)
Previously on Shadowland
Two college students in the service of vampire Baron De La Vega confronted their pasts. One discovered his true Fae origin. The other orchestrated his own death so that his loved ones could go on without him.

All four members of the cohort faced their future. Two of them as vampires. One as Fae. And one as an Immortal.

Why did Tomís grandfather react so strangely to the Salk Institute?
Is Abeís family truly in danger?
How did Jack trick his Sire to become his girlfriend?
What will Deanís Sire, the Sheriff of San Diego, think of the way he became a bat?

Why was Cailin, the high school angel, placed in their path?
What is the conundrum of Thomas?
Who is the Hunter?
How do you deal with the Banshees?

On the evening of 23 May 2019, the cohort was in the conference room as the Arcane Lux. Cailin was there too. As was Asali and Isabella, the two Sires.

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