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This thread will give information about various in setting things.
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Mercedes-Benz BM39 AMG 6x6
A 6.0-liter twin-turbo 36-valve V12 engine. 621 hp (463 kW), 738 lb-ft (1000 Nm) torque (2300 rpm), with 6x6 portal axles.
0-60 MPH in 6.0 seconds. Max speed 200 MPH.
9G-tronic nine-speed transmission
AMG performance exhaust.
Sale price: About $3.5 million
Made of black carbon fiber and yellow accents, including the bed and both winch hooks. (See for black/yellow coloring)
Size: 6400 mm (251.97") long, 2200 mm (86.61") wide, 2300 mm (90.55") high. With a ground clearance of 560 mm (22.05") and a fording depth of 1100 mm (43.31"). With a 4700 mm (185.04") wheelbase.
2500 kg (5500 lbs) curb weight.
20" wheels
Night Vision
Change ratios depending on if you’re driving on-road or off-road.
Compressor, to reduce/increase the tire pressure to adapt traction to the driving surface, connected to four containers of 20 liters each. 0 to 1.8 bar in 15 seconds.
Six electronic differentials to lock the wheels controlled with three buttons.
Extra shaft delivers power to the rearmost axle.
A winch in the front and another winch in the front most part of the bed.
A light bar on the roof

It has cruise control, backup camera, an auxiliary fuel tank, and tinted windows.

The interior has black exclusive Nappa leather and black piano lacquer wood.

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