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The Rules (Read First)

Before continuing, all players should take the time to review the RPoL Terms of Use and the RPoL Adult Games Policy.

Anyone found to be in violation of those terms and policies will be immediately banned and reported to the RPoL administrators.

The Basics

This game has been rated as 'Adult' for several reasons.

The first is to, hopefully, guarantee that we attract the most mature players on RPOL.

Second, this game may include sex, violence, and drug use.

Third, we do not want our characters to be stifled by a 'mature' rating - we want our characters to be played the way that best suits them.

The 'Adult' rating is not an invitation to create porn/smut.

 If there is to be an intimate scene, do your best to keep it classy and in keeping with the tone of the story.

 Any intimate scenes must take place in a character's home thread.

General Rules

1.  Be respectful to others.

 There will be times when you may disagree with another player or the GM(s). Keep disagreements out of OOC chats and game threads.

 Keep disagreements in private messages. The GM(s) will chime in if it goes too far.

2. No Power or God Modding.

 Godmodding is taking control of another player's character during roleplay.

 It's frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else's.

3. Use Common Sense.

There will be consequences to your character's actions.

 Most consequences will not end in the death of a character.

 Players should be wary of going into battle unprepared, grabbing live electrical wires, etc.

Use common sense, and you should be fine. :)

4. GM Rulings Are Final.

 You, as a player, will have the right to dispute unofficial GM rulings.

 We will hear you out, and make a judgement call.

Once the unofficial ruling has become official, it is final and will not be changed.

5. Player vs. Player Combat.

Given the nature of the story, this game has the potential to include Player vs. Player combat.

Depending on how things unfold, this is expected.

 What is not expected, however, is wanton killing/maiming/incapacitating of another character.

 Players will be expected to exercise some restraint before one snuffs out another character.

 Speak to the other player to ascertain their thoughts on the matter.

 Having said this...if a character dies incidentally (or accidentally) at the hands of another character, the GM's are not likely to intervene.

 Players joining this game are expected to have read the rules and joined cognizant of the risks.

There will be places of Sanctuary within the confines of the city where characters are not allowed to attack other characters- such as bars, clubs, coffee shops, etc.

 Please discuss any planned PvP via Private Messaging, and decide on an outcome beforehand.

 Or, speak to the GM(s) if you wish to have a mediator. That way, we will minimize potential arguments between players.

Note: The possibility of PvP in this game is NOT an invitation for people to attempt to make the biggest, baddest character.

 Put thought and effort into your RTJ, this isn't a pissing contest.

6. The Wheaton Rule.

One of the Most Important Rules ever.

 Simply put, Don't Be a Dick.

7. Character Limit.

You may have more than one character, if you wish.

The number of characters you are allowed to have is subject to the GM(s) discretion, as well as how active you are in posting.

8. Always get consent.

 Whether it is for sexual encounters or even just using your character's powers on another character,

 Always speak to the other player first in a PM.

Posting Rules

1. Before making a post.

 Be sure to proofread and spell-check.

 All posts should be well-thought-out and well-written.

2. Post length.

All posts should be at least five sentences (one paragraph) in length.

The longer your post, the more your writing partner will have to work with.

One-liners will not be accepted. Ever.

3. Using Knowledge.


4. Dialogue.

Choose one dialogue color, and stick with it. White is not an option, unless you make sure to bold your dialogue, so the words stand out.

Use italics for internal character thoughts.

Use the other posting options for things like emphasis, sending text/thought messages, whispering etc. etc

By all means be creative when using the posting tools to make your post.

And don't forget, you can use descriptive writing to express these things. EG: Jack thought that Jill was being overprotective.

5. Thread Hopping.

When you leave one thread to travel to another, you will be expected to add that to your post.

 For example: [To: Town Hall], if you are going to the Town Hall.

 Or, [From: Town Hall], if you are entering a new thread after leaving the Town Hall.

6. Posting Rate.

  All players must post at least once a week to be considered active.

 If you are not going to be able to post, let the GM(s) and your writing partners know.

 Players stuck in a scene with a player who is unable to post will not be penalized for not meeting the posting standards.

Players stuck in a scene can contact the GM(s) to arrange moving on with their story.

 Anyone who does not notify the GM(s) of their absence beforehand, will be moved to NPC status  after one month of inactivity, and removed from the game after two months.

 This may change, based on GM discretion.

7. Combat.

 Any and all attacks and use of powers in a combat settings (whether it be PvP or otherwise) should be worded as ATTEMPTS.

 Say that your character attempts to hit their enemy, don't say if the hit connects.

 This allows the GM(s) to dictate the outcomes of battles more easily.


GMPC's are playable characters played by the GM(s) to get the ball rolling on the game. These characters will be subject to the rules, as all other characters will be.

The GM(s) may or may not change or add rules to this game in the future. If this does happen, all players will be notified via the 'Announcements' thread.