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Welcome (Please Read)
Welcome to the game.

This story will change, through twists and turns with player characters in mind. Who you are will effect the story.

The game will be a mortal chronicle, with a heavy focus on the dealings of the company, there's no supernatural templates for use in this particular game. The approach of the game is limited to the offices themselves, however within the building, the characters are offered a very open sandbox, free form adventure, with player choice as the primary focus.

The game has an intrigue and mystery type narrative, with corporate secrets and espionage undertones.

This game is intended as a good introduction to the CofD setting and system, although it will offer something to experience players additionally. As such, it doesn't offer the additional meta-plot and rules systems that are a large part of the CofD games.

Character Creation
Starting characters get 10 Experiences as a starting bonus, which can additionally be upped during game by receiving beats, earned by roleplaying, completing objectives, and several other methods during the gameplay. Experiences can be used to purchase attributes, skills, skill specialities, merits, etc for different costs.

Character Death
The focus of the game is not on combat, although their may be encounters. Every discovery that threatens the company may have consequences. Running the game, it is not my intention to kill of characters, although the threat may increase with the narrative direction.

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