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Leystone Group World HQ
The structure of the building itself, situated in downtown Manhattan, the group counting many subsiduary companies under its remit.

The lobby and several floors above follow an open plan, separated by balconies, but overlooking the marble floor of the lobby. It isn't until the forth floor, that the levels become self contained, but keep the modern aesthetic of ceiling to floor glass. Emergency escape stairwells are located on the North, West and East sides of the building, with the South facing side leading to the front entrance.

22: Executive suite boardroom. CEO offices
21: Senior executive offices.
20: Junior executive offices
19: Executive amenities
18: Conference rooms
17: Staff amenities
16: Legal and finance
15: Senior management offices
14: Junior Management offices
13: Salamander PMC Offices
12: Perpetual Matter Offices
11: Conference Rooms.
10: Frost Shultz offices
09: Obsidian Dynamic offices
08: Serendipity PLC offices
07: Blue Cobalt offices
06: IT offices
05: HR and personnel offices
04: PR offices
03: Meeting rooms.
02: Staff amenities.
01: Lobby and reception
SB1:Security and maintenance.
SB2:Mail & storage
B1: Staff fitness center
B2: R&D research labs

There's a rumour regarding basements 3 and
4, yet those remain inaccessible, if they even exist.

The company itself has several corporate entity shareholders internationally.
51% Leystone Futures Incorporated.
12% Taeyang Industries.

Please do add your own additional information, personal touches or interesting discoveries within the building and the surrounding area".

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