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The Setting
Leystone International has it's secrets, and the inquisitive always ask the wrong questions, and sometimes, they receive answers...

After freelance journalist, Kate Matako, recently ran an article on the company, since publication, and in the foray of a libel case, Miss Matako has been unavailable for comment. The article has been removed from online publications.

Adam Dent, an employee of Leystone in R&D. Last known recorded appearance was two weeks previously, admitted to hospital with "grievous injuries". No patient death or release on record.

Jordan Ramm, also an employee, recently appointed member of the board. Currently on a leave of extended absence.  His family cannot be reached.

Marla Henning, private investigator. Phone number disconnected and office listed as "to let".

There are secrets. There are always secrets.

You, as players, have a variety of choices, do you maintain ignorance, keep your heads down and pretend that nothing is amiss? Do you dive into the history of the company and subvert from within? Or do you do your utmost to keep them hidden? The choice, valued employee, is up to you...

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