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SLLitS Game Introduction & RTJ Message
Setting: Overview
Banff is a town within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. It is located in Alberta's Rockies along the Trans-Canada Highway. The city see's quite a bit of tourism and travelers who want to take in the outdoors sights.

Setting: Factions
The Pure have occupied and dominated the region since the 1700s but with the construction of the Trans-Canada Railway, the Forsaken have been attempting to make a foothold. This has lead to a one-hundred year old clash that each side now calls The Silver Century. The Pure have their heels dug in on almost every aspect of the park, with the city itself being the only Forsaken stronghold in the region. Skirmishes happen often and neither side is able to off-balance the other. The Silver Century moves from being a bloody war to a cold war with every moment that passes.

Setting: Loci
The City of Banff is the central hub for a web of strong Loci. The Forsaken control the central hub Loci, but the Pure control nearly every surrounding Loci. Each side has made attempts to take control of the other sites of power with little success. Rumors abound on each side that new rituals are being devised that will choke off one or more Loci from the others, and place a literal and figurative stranglehold on the other side, resulting in a shift of balance and power.

When you're sending your first RTJ, copy and paste the following:

Character Name:
IC Goals:
OOC Goals:

For goals, IC Goals should represent at least two things that your character would like to achieve during the game and OOC Goals will be for at least two things that you want to experience or play through in the game.

For notes, include anything in your character's biography that would be important to your character's concept and during play.

Character Creation
All characters will be starting Forsaken characters. No Pure are allowed at the start of the game, but exceptions may be made as the game progresses.

Main Auspices are preferred but with a strong concept, other Auspices (such as eclipse) may be considered.

This game will use first edition rules with all lore from editions.

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