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Edward Lawrence
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Mon 14 Oct 2019
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Edward Lawrence
Edward Lawrence ‘called Ward’

I was born in 1959, at the bustling river-side city of Mildura, the second of four children. My parents owned and ran a horse stud on the west of the city. Mostly a bushboy, I spend most of my time riding, helping on the stud, or going to local town dancers which where the go in them days.

At high school, I did not produce any work of note but did study history in my final years. In Year 11 I spend a year on exchange in Denmark, on the island of Zealand.  The time in such an old European country changed my outlook on culture and life.  The ice-white winter was especially interesting for it contrasted so much with the dry heat of Mildura. I came to see white as a revealing colour, highlighting and outlining objects of interest.

I studied a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University for two years in 1977 and 1978, but with the crazy of attention that the Sydney Opera House was getting and the hype over Jřrn Utzon design, I apply for and accepted a scholarship to study at the University of Copenhagen. I completed my degree in 1979 and did a masters year studying conversation/restoration techniques.

While studying in Copenhagen I re-acquainted with several friends from my exchange days. One in particular lasted and turning into something special. My future wife Majbritt Korsgaard was studying Norse classics at the university and during my masters year, we become engaged.

At the end of my masters we spend a few weeks in Sweden during the summer, riding in the highlands and camping. During this time we managed to see several of the European Brown bears, they always came across to me as gruff and strong, prompting me to get married soon than later. We married in the autumn of 1980, with the first of two boys arriving in due course.

Between 1980 and 1985 I work in Denmark on various jobs, most short term contracts to do with art restoration. The most memorable job was working with Derek John de Solla Price. He visited Copenhagen in 1983 just before his death.

At the end of 1985 just after the birth of my second child, we returned to Australia and Melbourne. Both my wife and I worked at the University of Melbourne for a number of years before I was invited to join a commercial firm specialising in materials conservation.

I joined the new firm Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation in their foundation year of 1987 and have worked there since.

Since returning to Australia I have reconnected with family and old friends from high school.  The main friendship is with Peter & Gillian Mathews who own a farm in Guildford in country Victoria. We take the family up to their farm once or twice a month,  sometimes visiting music festivals in nearby Castlemaine or spending the dark nights using their 8in telescope in Peters home-build observatory.

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Mon 14 Oct 2019
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Portrait of Edward
If I were a song, I would be Ra Ra Rasputin, for the beat.
If I were a phenomenon, I would be the Eye of Saturn, for the great view.
If I were a metal, I would be bronze, for I am stronger than my parts.
If I were a colour, I would be white, to reveal the truth.
If I were an animal, I would be a bear,  strong and gruff.
If I were a famous human, I would be Cortes, for his gile in conquering the Aztecs with 30 men.
If I were a mythological being, I would be a Dökkálfar, the original dwarfs.
If I were a human activity, I would be leather crafting, for the skill involved.
If I were a weapon, I would be Fragarach, the weapon of Manannan mac Lir, a great Celtic hero.
If I were a work of art, I would be the The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, for the pure force of nature.
If I were a object, I would be the Antikythera astrolabe, to be the first computer ever made.

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Edwards Skills
Base Characteristics
Expert: Creative Thinking
Good: Fitness
Average: Muscles, Reflexes, Charm

Base skills
Expert: Art
Great: History, Read/Write (English)
Good: Archaeology, Research
Fair: Chemistry, Computer Use, Read/Write (Danish)
Average: Geology, Religion (Norse)

Phillip Boulanger

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