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Sat 19 Oct 2019
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Read this first please
OK, so every game you ever played in had a few conventions all the players had to adhere to at the table. You know, things like turn your phones off, no phones at the table, role play your character, no meta gaming, GM has final say, no open sexual role playing, no obvious vile acts like rape or child molestation, and so on.

Well, there are a few of those here as well.

1. Keep it clean, this isn't an adult or mature rated game. I don't mind a little cursing in character but keep all the naughty vices to a PG-13 narrative.

2. I run the game, I decide how to interpret the rules, and I will push the narrative in the game forward. There are no assistant GMs.

3. Be courteous to your fellow players at the least. If you have an issue with someone please try to work it out. If that doesn't seem to cut it let me in on it and I will try to help. If that doesn't work I will take it to the group and we will decide on how that goes then.

4. Keep up with the posts. If you need more time to post than the flow of the game allows or you need to drop out of the game for a short time but intend to return let the group know so we can help.

5. If your absentee posting becomes an issue I will let you know. If it can't be resolved I will drop you from the game. You are welcome to come back later as long as you can keep up with the posts.

6. Do not over post. Once a situation occurs and players and I begin to post about it please just post enough to keep the action moving. And DO NOT go back to posts that we have already past and start up new conversation/action. If its behind us and you missed it, leave it alone.

7. All that said above. I believe there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to reply with what they need to. I'm fine with character interaction and will only jump in if the posts should be in an OCC thread or go in a direction that is above the game's PG-13 rating. When you post, be verbose, just keep it to the required number of words to be clear. No Stephen King, Rudyard Kipling, or H. P. Lovecraft like posts.

8. Please only roll when advised to by the GM. Never assume you where successful without being advised by the GM. And if you misread or misunderstand a post and act in way that is obviously not what the character would have done otherwise I will be glad to help fix it in game. It happens. Players shouldn't be punished for it.

9. If the pace of the game is too quick for everyone please let us know. We will all work together to create cohesive game play.

10. And lastly. I am the only self adsorbed asshole allowed in the game.