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Sat 19 Oct 2019
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Posting Guide lines
1.Please be clear about whom the character is talking to and/or about in your posts.

2.When the character speaks use " " to denote conversation;
   Sgt. Baker addressed Private Noobnoggin, "Private get your sorry self in gear. That fighting position isn't going to dig itself."

3.Keep the exposition, i.e. the description of the character's actions, to a minimum to be clear and precise.

4.Please express personal thoughts or feelings with ' ' to make them clear from conversation;
   "Right, Sarge, I'm on it." Noobnoggin replied looking at his hands. They were covered in bleeding blisters from digging so many foxholes this morning. 'That old, lifer son-of-a-bitch is gonna work me to death' he whined to himself as he reached for the worn entrenching tool.

5. If a character is speaking on the radio please be clear about whom he is talking. Radio chatter is quite overlapping and posts of radio conversation can be as well. To keep this clear also use ( ) around a radio conversation so we will notice if the conversation changes by accident in the posts;
   Sergeant Baker yanks the mic up from the HMMWV's dash, (Private Noobnoggin you just took a wrong turn!)

If you would like to used specific post colors for your characters that is fine with me. As the GM I reserve the right to complain if the posts become a rainbow that is too annoying to read.