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In the Void of Shadow World Far Far Away
Horned humanoids gaunt and grey skinned moved about in rune carved armor.
Dark swirling masses seem to vomit forth more of these beings who gather into groups.
Many coming through wear much different clothing or armor. Some come through in dark black uniforms bearing an odd red windmill against white backdrop arm band.
Others coming through are in thick full robes with hoods only horns and eyes showing.

More and more figures coming in through the swirling darkness.

A figure even taller then most of the others speaks in a harsh yet somehow charismatic voice. He rallies the figures coming in who raise arms in response at several points in his speech.

Another figure with a large staff made of bone walks before a female horned figure and speaks, "It is ready, Empress."

The woman nods slowly, "Test it, we need to make sure it works. Then we will remove those insects who stand against us."

The figure bows very slightly and moves off tapping his staff as he walks towards a huge organic looking monstrosity of pulsating flesh, muscle, bone, and sinew.

A large ring or horned figures in robes chants lowly nearby, one breaks away to speak to the figure with the staff.  "Hierophant, we worry this may wake the Typhonian. Would it not be better to devour him as we have the other ?"

The Hierophant slammed the staff into the ground, "No, that can be done after we deal with the Lords and their paltry collection of gossamer realities."

The other says, "As you say Hierophant." The figure bows low. Then heads back to join the ring of chanters again.

The Hierophant then closed his eyes. The tall muscular horned figure who was rallying the others suddenly stopped and looked up, up, up at the tower of flesh and nodded, "We will be ready for it's nightmares." After he said this he called out orders and the troops got into ranks and marched towards the Typhonian. All drawing weapons as one.

The Hierophant opened his eyes and touched the flesh. There was a sudden ripple through the flesh and several eyes open with a dazed look across the flesh. A deep moan rippled out from mouths that opened and closed revealing rows of teeth or baileen like filters.

Suddenly an even greater black swirling mass launched from the massive tower of flesh and struck a beautiful lattice type structure that could be seen sparkling in the void.

The darkness spiraled out striking several areas. As the Hierophant watched he staggered leaning heavily on the staff. Several of the ring of chanters keeled over ichor pouring from their mouths, ears, and eyes.

Suddenly things formed and tore their way free from the mass of flesh. Horrid things with two many legs, or no legs, or wings, things that bore no relation to any life known. They fell or rushed down the flesh tower and the horned men engaged in combat with them. It was not a one sided combat both sides taking losses.

The Hierophants staff of bone began to vibrate and he looked at it his eyes narrowing.
He hissed to himself.

Then there was a horrendous sound and the lattice seemed to crack and pieces exploded from it.

The Empress watched on her eyes widened and a sickening smile came to her lips.
"It is powerful enough."

As the darkness poured more and more into the lattice the image changed to halls and stairs, doors and landings. Cracks of darkness appeared pieces of the stairs exploding and shooting off.

Back to the war that was now literally on the tower of flesh strange creatures literally being birthed below the horned men to fight them.

Then a bright, bright star appeared the only point of bright light besides the lattice in the darkness. It grew bigger and bigger. Bathing the battlefield in scornful light.
"Flesh, stealers, devourers, your reckoning is at hand !" The voice rung out from the star and was like a hurricane hurling many of the horned people and strange beasts off into the dark empty void.

The Hierophant looked at the bright star, "An awakened one." His staff was vibrating wildly in his hands and he could barely hold on to it.

Masses of horned men gathered about the Empress and she made her way to one of the portals of swirling darkness.


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