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Fri 25 Oct 2019
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House Rules
There are many ways of running combat, including "meticulous attention" and "winging it".
 I tend to be in the latter school of thought, despite trying to be in the former.

 What I'll do, when combat looms its ugly head, is have everyone roll initiative, then post the combat schedule.  We'll go in that order.
 I'll give someone 24 hours to post thier combat actions, then I'll NPC them.

 If there are any questions, please post in "Game Discussion".

Okay.......I changed my mind.

 The way I'll run combat is this...........

 When I get ready to run combat, and have the enemies present themselves, everyone just roll initiative and post your actions.
 When everyone has posted, I'll sort them.    Usually it won't matter much, and actual initiative order will only matter occasionally, like if two people are attacking the same thing.

 I'm changing it because I think this will be faster.  If we have a specific order, than everyone has to wait for a certain person, and will have to keep checking back in.   Whereas if we just say "go to it", everyone can go and we can get things settled.

 Still, though, I'll NPC someone who doesn't post in 24 hours (though it might sometimes be longer, depending on my own schedule).
 NPC'd character will generally act cautiously, and won't use up precious resources like spells or charges from wands, if I can help it.

 Again, please direct any questions to the Game Discussion thread.

Regarding combat:

 When you state your actions, simply state what you're attempting to do.  Please don't say anything about the results of your actions.

 For example:
 If you attack a goblin with a sword, say "Sir Realism swung his longsword at the goblin, trying to fell the nasty creature."
 Not "Sir Realism stabbed the goblin in the spleen, then swept off its head expertly."

 I don't care if you roll a perfect hit and to 5 billion points of damage, please don't assume what your actions will do.
 I'll take care of that.

 I feel much the same way about non-combat encounters.
 If you walk into an Inn, you can say "Sir Realism entered the place like he owned it, his armor sparkling like the sun and his footfalls thudding loudly as his powerful body strode to the bar."
 But don't say "Sir Realism walked into the tavern, and everyone in it instantly knew that a true hero was now among them, and every man, woman and child felt unworthy of the honor, even as the bartender offered him a free drink."

 Again, I'll take care of how NPCs react to people.

 We haven't had any problems with this in this group, and I hadn't anticipated any, but I wanted to make sure I put this on the rules section, just in case.