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Religion in Mystara
Mystara does not have actual gods like other settings, clerics venerate the Immortals instead.  Immortals were once great adventurers that have epic quests and petitioning to past Immortals transcended their mortal form to take their place forever in the Outer Planes.

  Each Immortal serves one of the five Spheres of Power (Energy, Thought, Time, Matter and Entropy) each Sphere represents one of the distinct components of the Multiverse.  Clerics of Mystara can venerate a specific Immortal, and entire pantheon or just a Sphere of Power.

  The Immortals hold each other in balance, none may actively interfere  with the world without rebuke from others.  Instead the Immortals secretly take mortal guise to walk the world unnoticed.  While their power is greatly reduced when they do this, they are still creatures of immense power in their guise.

  The primary role of the Immortals is to keep balance among the Spheres.  Each Sphere must be kept in harmony with the others for the Multiverse to continue.  An imbalance between the Spheres can have catastrophic results.  The Sphere of Entropy stands apart from the others, trying to cause the end of the Multiverse to they can recreate the next world in their image.

  The other purpose for Immortals is to sponsor mortals that wish to join them.  It is not a easy task, for more perish than ever succeed.  One cannot become an Immortal without the help of a sponsor, and there is no guarantee a mortal will ever gain a sponsor.  Once a mortal has obtained a sponsor they must partake of a task to prove the mortal is indeed worthy.
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Religion in the Five Shires
The Hin are not irreligious, but their religious life is largely focused around the Clan. For clan hin, foreign religions have little appeal, because the sacred rituals of the clan fill all the purposes of religion other than spell casting.  And the average foreign believer rarely has much access to the miracle powers of Clerics anyway. The Hin revere the High Heroes, the Gentle Folk, and their homeland.

They are basically nature worshipers, and Hin of a religious bent typically either study with the Keepers, or work to become Masters. (Or Druids if using 3E). Every clan performs about two dozen rituals a year which are religious in nature, ranging from blessing the fields before planting to thanking the Immortals and the land for the harvest to helping to 'Whistle Up the Sun' on the Winter Solstice.

However, clanless Hin lack this connection to the land built by the sacred rites. Instead, many of them are beginning to turn to foreign religions; churches to Asterius, Ixion, Valerias, Kagyar, Koryis, the Church of Universal Harmony, the Church of Traladara, and the Church of Darokin have all sprouted up in the major cities. Clanless Hin tend to favor churches related to prosperity, peace, craftwork, and love.

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Religion in the Five Shires
Five Shires
High Heroes (All three)
  Domain: Life of Trickery

Brindorhin (Female)
  Portfolio:  patriotism, safety, family, prosperity, wealth
  Domain:  Life, Knowledge, Light
  Symbol:  a golden ear of wheat
  Weapon:  rapier

Nob Nar (Male)
  Portfolio: wanderers and adventurers, audacity, heroic deeds, revelry
  Domain: Nature, Trickery, War
  Symbol: a downwards pointing sword curved to form a fang
  Weapon: shortsword

Coberham (Male)
  Portfolio: magic, blackflame, mysteries, knowledge
  Domain: Arcana, Knowledge, Light
  Symbol:  Black flame
  Weapon:  None

Church of Traldera
Halev (Warriors)                         War or Tempest
Petra (Healers)                          Life
Zirchev (Forest Folk and Farmers)        Knowledge or Nature
Ixion (Sun and Arcane Users)             Light, Arcane
      (These two have migrated in through Merchants)
Khoronus (Historians)                    Knowledge or Arcane
Asterius (Merchants)                     Knowledge or Trickery

Church of Karameikos
Asterius (Merchants)                     Knowledge or Trickery
Pax Bellanica Commanders/ Leaders)       War or Light
Prontius (Sailors)                       Tempest
Tarastia (Justice)                       War or Healing
Vanya (Warriors)                         War or Life
Valerias (Love and Thievery)             Trickery or Life
Ilsundal (Forests)                       Nature (Druids)
Cult of Hlav                             Tempest or war

Kagyar (Dwarves)                         Knowledge or War
Garl Glitterlode (Gnomes)                Trickery or Knowledge
Ilsundal (Callarii and Vyalia Elves)     Nature or Arcane
Ordana (Vyalia Elves)                    Nature or Tempest
Mealinden (Callarii Elves)               Life or Light

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