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Fri 25 Oct 2019
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Character Creation
1. Relook at the House Rules (Especially Racial changes and Skill stacking).

2. Select your Race, Class and Background. Characters start at Level 1.

3. Starting Abilities are 15,14,13,12,10,8 arranged in any order.

4.  HIT POINTS:  All characters receive maximum hit points at 1st level.  Hit dice are rolled normally after that.  Be sure to apply any modifier for your Constitution bonus.  After 1st level characters will roll, if you get below your class's 1/2 way round up to the 1/2 way.  EXAMPLE:  A Barbarian rolls a 2 for HP, the character would round up to 6 HP.  This is done before you add your Constitution bonus.

5.  STARTING EQUIPMENT:  Per Players Handbook/SCAG.  (Any item not found in the PHB/SCAG has to be approved by me)

6.  Choose any Character sheet that you like from other 5e games or the resources here on RPOL.  If you can't find a sheet PM me and I will help get you one.  Do not put a link to another site.  I don't manage your sheets and spot check periodically.

7.  In your Biography Line 1 belongs to you to describe yourself, line 2 add your AC, HPs and Mulligans (See my BIO Line 2).

8. Think through what your 'plan' is for your character-what your planning as your archetype, multiclass into, what your ideal equipment might be.  Will help me later as I 'populate' the game with 'goodies'.

9.  Send me a PM that you are done so I can do a once over.

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