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Eberron resources
Besides the three core books, I have the following resources from which I am able to draw:

Eberron-specific sources
Dragons of Eberron
Eberron Campaign Setting
Explorer's Handbook
Faiths of Eberron
Five Nations
Forge of War
Magic of Eberron
Player's Guide to Eberron
Secrets of Sarlona   added 12/3/19
Secrets of Xen'drik
Sharn: City of Towers

General 3.5 sources

Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Complete Champion
Complete Divine
Complete Mage
Complete Psionic   added 12/3/19
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Warrior
Drow of the Underdark
Expanded Psionics Handbook   added 12/12/19
Libris Mortis
Lords of Madness
Magic Item Compendium
Monster Manual
Monster Manual 2
Monster Manual 3
Monster Manual 4
Player's Handbook 2
Spell Compendium
Unearthed Arcana

I also make frequent use of this website:  http://dndsrd.net/home.html

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