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Character creation and other general tidbits
As each game will be different, I do not have a set of hard-and-fast rules for character creation.  In general, the following guidelines are used ... but these can be altered as well.  Player and DM will work together to find common ground so that the game is enjoyable to both.

1.  Starting level is generally no higher than 6th, but negotiable.
2.  To generate stats, I offer two options:  32-point buy per DMG page 169 OR using
    the dice roller, 4d6 are rolled 8 times - the lowest die is dropped from each roll
    and two of the final numbers (your choice) are dropped.
3.  Max HP per level.
4.  Total wealth per DMG page 135.
5.  NO gestalt.

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Character creation and other general tidbits

It's my intention that the story and NPCs are interesting and realistic.  PBP is an entirely different challenge from playing the game in person:  tone of voice and inflection, gestures, facial expressions and so much more are easily lost in this medium.  To that end, I will make every effort to be as clear and descriptive as possible when I post.  It is appreciated when you return the gesture.

> No godmoding is permitted.  I will not tell you how your PC should react/feel/
   think or whatever and expect you to do the same.

> OOC, which may include roll results or a question specific to the game, should
   be at the bottom of your post and highlighted in orange.

   OOC:  Does anything grab my attention as I enter the room?
   21:26, Wed 27 Nov 2019: Sonori rolled 18 using 1d20+5.  spot.

> When speaking, please use quotation marks and highlight your spoken text in a
   single color to help it stand out.

   The bard looked wistfully at the artwork before turning to Kell and nodding.
"What you say makes a great deal of sense," Turbalio
said to the goliath, "In any event, you would know best about
tracking the progress of the other group.  With all the arachnid corpses,
that would suggest some or all of their number survived which indicates there
should be tracks to follow."

> Use of all CAPS should reflect something being shouted.

   "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" the rogue shouted, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU BECAUSE OF THE

> Use of small type should reflect when your character is whispering.

   "Mighty Pelor," the cleric muttered almost to herself
   as she knelt near the body of her unconscious friend, "please grant
   me a portion of your all-seeing wisdom that I may heal the wounds of my dear
   friend Theonix."

> Use of italics should reflect what your character is thinking.

   Isn't that a fine kettle of fish?  Grace thought as she watched the mage taunt
   the orge.  Drawing her sword, a scowl crossed her face as she considered the
   conversation the two would have after the fight.

> Please post in third person, not first person.

> When speaking in another language, please put the language being used in
   [Brackets] before your text.

   [Elven]"How are you this morning, master?" the young apprentice asked cheerfully,
   knowing full well he was about to be scolded for his behavior yesterday.

> Please understand that I may do some skill check rolls on your behalf. Certain
   checks when dealing with NPCs should be kept secret in my opinion so that how
   your character reacts AFTER the roll isn't influenced by the roll result.  As
   an example, if you are trying to bluff someone and roll a 6 ... it doesn't
   take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have probably been unsuccessful.
   This will in all likelihood skew you character's behavior going forward.  But,
   if you don't know whether you're successful or not ... that allows for a much
   more realistic interaction.

IF YOU GO 14 DAYS (TWO WEEKS) WITHOUT POSTING, I WILL PRESUME YOU HAVE LOST INTEREST AND DELETE YOUR GAME.  I understand and respect that RL must come first, but my time is also valuable.  While I don't have an expected posting rate, I would think at least every two or three days would be reasonable.

I only have a handful of games running at one time so that I have sufficient attention to devote to each game.  One of the beauties of running solo games is that if the sole player disappears, others are not left waiting and wondering if that person will return.  The game will simply be discarded.

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