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RTJ/Character Generation
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Lunar Exaltation

Luna attends to each Chosenís Exaltation personally.

The aspect in which Luna appears and the nature of their greeting differs for each Lunar, according to who they are and what they need. A friendless orphan might be embraced by a divine mother who whispers the reason he was chosen into his ear.

An arrogant hunter whoís never known a rival might be attacked and overpowered by Luna as a great beast or humbled by Luna in a boyish trickster-aspect. A mercenary whoís lost his purpose for fighting might encounter Luna as a wizened crone at a crossroads, speaking a cryptic prophecy of what he must do or laying a geas upon him.

A pious Immaculate monk might be confronted by Luna as a silver-eyed savant who debates fine points of theology long into the night. The meeting rarely lasts long, but it has a profound impact; almost all Lunars carry a personal or spiritual connection with their patron throughout their lives

Please describe your exaltation by Luna.

Essence Fever

Like all Exalted, Lunarsí Essence fever urges them to action, to use their newfound power to change the world. For Lunars, this impetus is focused on their rage, pushing them to act on their anger. Some were driven by rage even before Exaltation, and scarcely notice Essence feverís impact.

Others act on longheld passions theyíve never expressed: A peasant whoís always resented her Dynastic masters mounts a campaign of sabotage and subterfuge against them; a savant who abhors slavery descends on a Guild caravan in her war-form and shatters the slavesí manacles with her bare hands; a princeís bastard moves to depose her hated half-sibling and take the throne.

How does your rage motivate you?

The Spirit Shape

A Lunarís spirit shape emerges as she Exalts, an animal form thatís as much her true self as her human form. A Lunar doesnít choose what animal her spirit shape is, but itís always one that holds deep personal or cultural meaning for her, an avatar and embodiment of all she

What is your spirit shape? Why does it represent your character?


Additionally, each Lunar has a Tell, a distinctive characteristic thatís present in any form she shapeshifts into. It may be a marking like a scar or tattoo, an unusual physical quirk, a trait of her spirit shape, or a subtle supernatural display like an oversized shadow.

Please describe your characterís Tell.

The Solar Bond

Some Lunars have a deep spiritual tie to a Solar, an Abyssal or Infernal. At character creation, you may decide that your Lunar definitely has a Solar Bond, or that she definitely doesnít.

Alternatively, you can let me decide.

Choose Intimacies

Represent your Lunarís beliefs and relationships via intimacies, motivations, religious beliefs, worldview, friends and enemies, morals, idiosyncrasies, or other important parts of her life.

Many Lunars have Intimacies expressing rage, and Ties relating to Luna, the Silver Pact, their shahan-yas, and inhabitants of Lunar dominions in which they dwell or with which they interact.

Thereís no maximum on how many Intimacies you may choose. Starting characters must have at least four Intimacies. At least one must be Defining, and one must be Major. Likewise, at least one must be a positive Tie, and one must be a negative Tie; these may overlap
with the previous two.

Limit Trigger

Choose a Limit trigger ó a circumstance that exacerbates your Lunarís Great Curse

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