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Ale House & Food
Ale House & Food

Legion Ale – weak beer
Bock Beer – Brew Master at the Curly Pig in Marneri just released his Bock beer
Dzu Beer – Dark and heavy. More bitter than Seant or Marneri Beer
Ourdh Beers and Ales – famous. Sweet and pale.
Seant Beer – weak pilsner
Marneri Beer – average
Cunfshon Ale – dark

Hot Apple Wine
Red Wine
Marneri Wines –all white. Hard and steely with the chill of the north.
Kadein wine
Ourdh Wine – Rich and fruity, with a degree of complexity
Hopsrung grape White Wine of Lodover & Chanay
Livolese Wine
Wines of Spriani – Oaks from the Rundel Forest made into barrels that aged these wines.
Andelain White Wine
Arkelaud Wine, House Urshen crafted this sparkling win. Mirchaz

Batshooba, a foul narcotic grown widely in Ourdh
Argonathi Whiskey
Near-Beer, Ginger Beer
Pulji – a seductive narcotic popular in the southern hemisphere of Ryetelth. Dream inducing drink, sending the un-experiencing into wild terrified seizures (that they thought they were being chewed on by insects or pursued by men with worm-ridden faces)
Quinine – a powder to avoid terrible fever sickness carried by mosquitoes. Men of the Legions suspect the powder is to suppress sexual urges.
Uja pods and Fresh tizzama leaves, vegetarian foods of Ardu people. Typically toasted pods wrapped in the leaves.
Ankolu and yoberry – more fruits and berries from the woods
Pik-o-poks – a bean found in the jungles.
Oil of turmeric – medicine for back spasms
Black Draught of pimsey – medicine to numb pain
Chrysanthemum petals – when tossed into fire, the smoke is bitter and acrid, but masks the stench of death. Helps fumigate.
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Ale House & Food
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