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Dungeon Master
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Thu 10 Dec 2020
at 16:55
OOC: How the Group Met
Post away!

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Ralgar Vandadin
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Thu 10 Dec 2020
at 16:56
OOC How the Group Met
I think Ralgar is good to go!

He joined the group as they were passing through. He didn't seek them out for the sake of adventuring, but maybe the party was in a confrontation in the street and his urge to protect led him to assisting them and ultimately joining the party.

You would know he has an ailing father and an older brother who stayed behind in that town where Ralgar joined the party.
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Thu 10 Dec 2020
at 16:56
OOC How the Group Met
Tukhirk is also ready.

I'm fine with that story. He left the druidic circle almost by imposition from the elder ones, and has been roaming around, so as long as he gets on well wit the rest there is nothing that prevents him to join you guys and go out for adventures.
Oswyn Fitzwarren
 Human Rogue, 4 posts
Thu 10 Dec 2020
at 16:57
OOC How the Group Met
Oswyn took off from the big city after having a falling out with his captain and crew. They were getting engaged in criminal enterprises that went too far for him. He's now looking to reform his ways. He's heard about people making their living as "adventurers" and figures that's one of the few semi-legit lines of work for which he's suited. He'd be eager to fall in with a group of such adventurers.
Londin Shilliy
 Elf Bard, 2 posts
Fri 11 Dec 2020
at 13:25
OOC How the Group Met
Londin has been going from gig to gig and adventure to adventure for sometime.  She saw the group it piqued her interest enough to join in.
Riki Rizira
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Thu 17 Dec 2020
at 16:13
OOC How the Group Met
Little is known about Riki besides she drinks like a dwarf. Smokes cigars like a dwarf.

The halfling spent either time outside or in a shady bar where people look down to her. Some insult the halfling and it usually ends with a bar fight. With the halfling winning.

Most people who fight against her are surprised....when she rages. And gets bigger. Stronger. Faster. Least in her eyes. The rage lingers, waiting to be unleashed.

Do not mess with her ale.

Do not call her short.

And do not mess with her tribe.
Ashby Kranak
 Half-Elf Wizard, 4 posts
Sun 28 Feb 2021
at 02:56
OOC How the Group Met
Ashby Kranak was trained at an arcane boarding school. He briefly worked as an instructor there. He doesn't readily talk about why, but he left that work and took to the road.

Outgoing, particularly by wizard standards, he may have offered his services to aid a forming group on some task and chose to stick around for the comradery.

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Ralgar Vandadin
 Oread Fighter, 18 posts
Sun 28 Feb 2021
at 18:59
OOC: How the Group Met
Ralgar is a "rough and tumble" down to earth (ha ha) kind of guy, so he'd be interested but wary of Ashby's arcane talents.

I like the idea of the group forming organically, picking up members from various towns as it goes.
Ashby Kranak
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Sun 28 Feb 2021
at 19:34
OOC: How the Group Met
Ralgar, as a former teacher I could see Ashby explaining the arcane to death to the point maybe Ralgar eventually becomes comfortable with it. Since  the story has sort of started already, maybe Ashby joins the group in real time responding to the same summons and we can roleplay the growing acceptance of the arcane.
Idris Bodaway
 Gnome Sorcerer, 3 posts
Fri 19 Mar 2021
at 14:22
OOC: How the Group Met
Hi all. Idris is a lava gnome who has just taken to adventuring and this is the first place with an opportunity. I'm thinking I'll enter the inn just before the group heads out and opt to stick with them, even if it means ignoring subtle requests otherwise. He's too enthusiastic to accept no for an answer.