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Mon 21 Dec 2020
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(IC) Nodnol: The Story Begins
The sleepy walled village of Nodnol was a good place to relax. With the walls defended and a lake at the center, its survives on its own. As of late everyone works together.

A summons goes out throughout the land looking for people who want to find out what is going on.

Their story begins outside the walls of Nodnol.

It is near dawn. The walls don't seem to be manned but the gates are closed. The typical sound of nature filters through the morning.

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Mon 21 Dec 2020
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(IC) Nodnol: The Story Begins
The half orc is dressed in plain travelling clothes with a well worn armour on to of them. The marks in his face give him an even wilder look.
And the fact that there is a huge black panther by his side does not help mitigating that look.
"I think you guys are tired of sleeping under the stars. We could look for a night in a tavern if you like... But I am not sure how welcome Trepa and might be."
He scratches the head of the panther, who revolves trying to give his master to the right spot to scratch.
"Let's try anyway."

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Mon 21 Dec 2020
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(IC) Nodnol: The Story Begins
Oswyn nods at the half-orc's words. "Yeah, I'll be ready for a real bed tonight," he says. "After we get the lay of the land."

He steps up close to the gate, peering through, looking from side to side, trying to see if there's a gatekeeper, toll taker or anyone like that around.

Perhaps it's a little early in the day for Oswyn, as his typically sharp senses seem a little fuzzy.

He knocks on the wood of the gate.

12:41, Today: Oswyn Fitzwarren rolled 10 using 1d20+7.  Perception.

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Mon 21 Dec 2020
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(IC) Nodnol: The Story Begins
Londin sighed as she thought of how soft a bed for the night would be.  She was wearing a knee length red dress that as always looked clean, despite their time on the road.

"An actual bed for the night would be amazing.  I would love not being outside for a change."

Londin looked at the Druid.
"I cannot imagine a place that would turn away good coin."
She stopped and looked down at the panther, then spoke to Turkhirk with a smile.

"Then again, maaaaybe I have just acclimated to the oddity."
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Mon 21 Dec 2020
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(IC) Nodnol: The Story Begins
Trepa walks slowly between Tukhirk and Londin, rubbing is back against the bard as requesting to be caressed.
The bard can feel the impressing muscles of the beast below the shiny black fur.
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Mon 21 Dec 2020
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(IC) Nodnol: The Story Begins
Ralgar rubs his drooping eyes as they approach the gates in the early morning light. Listening to his compatriots, he brushes the layers of dust and dirt off his breastplate armor to no avail, simply smearing it. "Panther or not, we may not be the most friendly looking of folks," he almost grumbles out, wiping his hand on his pant leg.

Joining Oswyn in stepping forward to the gate, he will wait for a moment, seeing Oswyn scan the area then knock. If nobody answers in a few seconds, Ralgar will lift his stoney fist and heavily knock twice.

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Tue 22 Dec 2020
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(IC) Nodnol: The Story Begins
The small warrior comes up from behind, one hand over her sword as it almost hits the ground.  Riki looks up at all of them and her eyes narrow. Her other arm gently rests on the panther's back, moving along its side and she stares into its eyes, her own narrowing. The halfling moves off to the side and watches.