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Sun 3 Nov 2019
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Read To Join (RTJ)
This game will be a lighthearted, silly, weird-fantasy game without much obligation. Post a game advancing post at least once a week, or don't. If you don't I'll decide what your character does and I won't be malicious about it. That's a promise!

Maturity level: Saturday Morning Cartoons, Marvel Movies, etc. So no explicit nudity or gore, fade to black on those scenes, cussing is rare, etc.

This is a game in the mindset of the OSR. This means that character death is definitely on the table, game balance isn't really a thing, and thinking out of the box is encouraged. Character death isn't supposed to be a big deal either, since character creation is easy and quick.

Knowledge of the system isn't really needed. I can guide you trough it. Still, the booklet with player only rules is something around two dollars in price for a pdf I think. The entire game only cost me five I think.

To join, just ask I guess and let me know wether or not you have the rules. You could also include sources of inspiration for you, things you'd like to maybe see in the game, etc.