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NPC List
Chitaro - Caravan Leader (male)
Chimian - Son of Chitaro, carefree blade master (male)
Yoska - Green Haired Oracle and priest of Noric (male)
Guaril - Hunter
CACU - The strange disembodied voice in the ruins

Noric - God of the Free Skies

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Noric is most commonly spoken of as male, but can appear as female, young, old, skinny, muscular, whatever Noric wants. (Not that Noric appearing unto people just happens every day, but hey.) Noric may also take the form of a tree (tall trees are things that are technically in the sky) that speaks into one's mind, or also very often as a bird, or as a winged bird-person with bird head and wings coming out the back.

Noric's preferred bird species seem to be blue jays and cardinals (or beings with blue jay or cardinal-like qualities), although he's sometimes also reported as manifesting as a hawk, eagle, or crane, or as a hawk, eagle, or crane-like being.

Those who honor Noric (and really get into it) sometimes dye their hair green, because colors associated with Noric are green (trees) and silver (stars) (and to a much lesser extent, blue, because blue jays and the sky).

Thane Goldnose - Mining Town Leader/Thane (male)

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