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Thu 13 Feb 2020
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Figured it would be helpful to compile this here. From the Temple of the Dead Three:

Chest 1 holds 4,500 cp and two red crystal vials with gold stoppers (25 gp each). Each vial contains a potion of fire breath.

Chest 2 contains ten eye agates (10 gp each) scattered amid 1,250 sp.

Chest 3 contains a delicate porcelain dragon mask (25 gp) resting on a bed of 2,400 cp and 500 sp.

Chest 4 contains a bronze crown with five spires (250 gp). Each spire is shaped and painted to resemble one of the five kinds of chromatic dragons (black, blue, green, red, and white).

Another room contained a few crates of stolen goods that the cultists had not yet disbursed, including ten days' worth of rations, a bag of twenty caltrops, three flasks of alchemist's fire, six sets of manacles, four tinderboxes, nine daggers, and four potions of healing in glass vials.
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Thu 19 Mar 2020
at 11:32
From the Vanthampur Villa:

Coffer 1 contains 30 electrum ingots (10 gp each).

Coffers 2, 3, and 4 each contain 100 gp.

Coffer 5 contains two pieces of a broken ceremonial dagger: a curved ivory blade bearing Dracooic runes that spell out "Fang," along with a bone hilt wrapped in leather strips and studded with gemstones.

Coffers 6 and 7 each contain 100 pp.

Coffer 8 contains twenty azurite gemstones (10 gp each) and a black-covered tome titled Apocalypto- a poetic prophecy by an unknown author envisioning the end of the multiverse.

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