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Character Creation
Characters begin play at Level 1. We'll use the Point Buy method for stats, and just about everything is on the table in terms of official Races, Classes, Backgrounds, etc. Homebrews I'll consider on a case-by-case basis, but I'm default comfortable with WotC-created material (Unearthed Arcana) and default uncomfortable with stuff that deviates significantly from it.

My understanding is that this is a challenging campaign, so I'm not generally going to veto stuff based on being overpowered. In fact, I'm willing to work with you if there's something you're interested in but are concerned that it's underpowered. The only exception is flying: I don't want to allow Aaracokra or other options that give you flight at low levels, because it creates a lot of complications for me.

Descent Into Avernus includes some new options for the backgrounds in the PHB as well as a new background called Faceless, whose details I can share with you if you're interested. Once you have idea(s) for backgrounds, I'll share the relevant Baldur's Gate-specific features with you.

You can use any character sheet format you like as long as it's legible. Here's one option. Linking to an external site like D&D Beyond is also fine.

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