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Ship: Harrier Class Commerce Raider
Hull Points: <88> 40/40

Normal Crew Allotment: Captain, Pilot, Astrogator, Engineer, Maintenance, Gunner x 2, Medic, Marines x 3

Maintenance Cost: Cr 2657/Month (Currently x 2)

Power Requirements:

- Basic Ship Systems: 40
- M-Drive: 120
- J-Drive: 40
- Sensors: 8
- Particle Barbette: 15
- Missile Rack Turret: 1
- Low Berths: 1
- Holographic Hull: 100

Ship ComponentDescription + ModifiersTonsCost (MCr)
Hull200 tons (streamlined, reinforced)-18
-Superior Stealth-200
Armour Bonded Super Dense (Armor 4)62.6
M-DriveThrust 6 (reduced tonnage x 3)8.425.2
J-DriveJ-2 (early jump, size reduction, stealth jump)13.53.0375
Power PlantFusion (TL15), Power 2601326
Fuel TanksJ-2, 4 weeks of operation42-
BridgeHolographic Controls101.25
-Military Countermeasures Suite1528
WeaponsParticle Barbette (accurate, high yield)57.5
-Single Turret (Missile Rack)1.95
AmmunitionMissile Storage (12 missiles)1-
-Cargo Scoop2.5
-Fuel Processor (40 tons/day)2.1
-Holographic Hull-20
StateroomsStandard x 8324
-Low Berths x 84.4
-Fire Control/2-4
-Jump Control/2-.2
Common Areas-8.8
--Total Cost318.94875 MCr

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Ship: Harrier Class Commerce Raider
Current Status / Damage To The Harrier


Due to damage and deterioration over time the hull rating of the ship is currently reduced to 40 instead of the designed rating of 88.

Each Structural RU assigned to repairing the hull increases the Hull value by 2d6 to a maximum of 88.

General Systems

The Harrier's running costs are double what a ship of this type should normally require.  The extra cost is absorbed in replacing minor systems and components, and ongoing losses through leaks, spoilage and other ongoing costs.

Each Technical RU assigned to making general repairs reduces the extra operating cost by 20%, to a maximum reduction of 100%, which represents a return to normal operating costs.

Ventral Hardpoint

The entire turret mechanism for the ventral weapon mount was destroyed by a direct hit from a fusion weapon.

Repairing the turret to the point where it can fire into the ship's frontal arc only will require 1 Structural RU and 1 Technical RU.

A full repair, enabling the weapon to fire in any direction will require an additional 1 Structural RU and 2 Technical RU.

Manoeuvre Drive

The M-drive has been restored to full function, but is slightly unreliable.  Any time a double-1 comes up on a Pilot check the drive cuts out and the ship is without manoeuvre drive for that round.

Remedying this problem requires a proper diagnostic of the drive (requiring 3-4 days and a partial dismantling of the drive system) which will indicate the level/type of repair required.  The repair itself will require 1d3 Technical RU and a further 3 days of rebuilding the drive.

Jump Drive

The Harrier's jump drive is fully functional, but a little wayward.  It imposes DM-2 on all skill checks associated with it, which increases the chance of a serious misjump.

Remedying this is a two-stage process.  It can be reduced to DM-1 by the replacement of various components with fairly obvious defects.  This will require one day and one Technical RU.

Fully fixing the drive means an in-depth inspection and testing of all components.  The drive will need to be dismantled (a process requiring 1d3 days of work) and the problems carefully catalogued.  1d3 Technical RU will be required to make good the defects, with installation and reassembly taking 1-2 more days.

Cosmetic Repairs

Cosmetic repairs do not affect the functionality of the ship but do improve its ability to function as a diplomatic symbol.  Most repairs require only Cosmetic RU, but in some cases a few technical systems will have to be replaced to make the ship look right again.

- The Bridge: Requires 1d3 Technical RU and 12 Cosmetic RU to fully restore its former glory.

- Crew Quarters/Accomodations: Requires 16 Cosmetic RU to fully restore its appearance.

- Lower Deck: Requires 1d3 Technical RU and 12 Cosmetic RU to fully restore it.

- Outer Hull: Requires 20 Cosmetic RU for full restoration.

Social Impact of Ship Appearance:

DM-2 If the ship has unrepaired new damage
DM-1 If the ship is in the state the Travellers first
received it
DM+0 If the ship makes a mixed impression, (e.g.
the hull is a mess but the bridge is gorgeous)
DM+1 If the ship makes a good impression, it has
been sighted in port with a fully restored hull, or
video conferences are conducted from a restored
DM+2 If the ship has been fully restored and the
Travellers find a way to show it off

What Exactly Is An RU?

RU is a resource unit sufficient of sufficient quantity to factor into making the necessary repairs on the ship.

During character creation Ship Shares accrued by characters may instead be converted into RUs to effect ship repairs.

1 Ship Share = 1 Structural or Technical RU
1 Ship Share = 2d6 Cosmetic RU

RUs may also be found in play or bought with credits.

Structural RU = .25 MCr (or equivalent in starship components/heavy industrial parts)

Technical RU = .75 MCr (or equivalent in starship components/light industrial parts)

Cosmetic RU = .1 MCr (For raw materials and must be custom-fitted, etched, or otherwise installed "just right" at the rate of one RU per 8-hour shift.)