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Sun 10 Nov 2019
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What I want from you if you wish to join this game is:

1.  Even though its technically not an Adult rated game now, I still want a statement of age and gender, and that you are a legal adult who is legally permitted to view adult material in your country of residence.  With that said here is my statement of age.  I George, am 34 year old male and am legally able to view adult material in my country of residence, USA.

1.1  Do read the rules and lore thread as well.  Its full of information pertaining to the campaign, and will be added upon as we continue.

2.  Character concept, race, their likes and dislikes and their motives.  What drives them, what interests them, and what are their goals.  Character's behavior, why are they the way they are?  Is it a simple answer or are they not sure themselves why they behave the way they do?  You can be as elaborate as you like.

Note: there is no restriction between good and evil, law or chaos. But you have to play well with your party. This isn't permission to be CE and kill everything in site. Its chaotic and evil, but not stupid.
A chaotic evil character does whatever his greed, hatred, and lust for destruction drive him to do. He is hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If he is simply out for whatever he can get, he is ruthless and brutal. If he is committed to the spread of evil and chaos, he is even worse.

This means you could be violent to any mob that stands in the way. You like the feel of a dagger sinking into a back. But you also know that doing it to normal folk would probably get you arrested and hung. Which you dont want. Instead, perhaps you put a good use to that feeling and became a hunter who cares not for the animals he kills. likes to use hunting traps that leave them wounded and suffering. Or maybe your a mercenary just itching for a job that lets release that pent up energy to kill.
Again, its an outlet to a feeling. Chaotic Stupid isnt wanted and wont be tolerated.

3. This should be fun, right?

4. Here's where things get interesting/different. Your starting off Young (for your race). You will be granted power at some point in the form of your class. But first, you will have to survive the test.
Much like you can't choose what item your granted from a treasure chest, Your class choosing isn't guaranteed. Just because your a pious man, doesnt mean your a cleric. Some are monks, fighters, and even barbarians. Your creating John Smith. Not this class combo.
If John Smith gets a magic longsword gifted from his god, he would be the same person as the John Smith who had made a deal with the devil for power to save his family. Just surviving through different circumstances.
That said, your giving me a background of who 'you' are (the character).

5. Now, you'll give me 3 classes you would like to see as your heroic path, and how they fit into your background. As well as classes you won't play.

It could be as simple as John Smith the farmer.
Fighter- hes a simple man who quickly picks up on which end to hold and which to stab.
Ranger- he understands the land sometimes better than the people.
Barbarian- instincts guide him. And being under the hot sun has built a good set of muscle and a nasty temper.
And then I supply a 4th at random that can tie with your back ground. Like...
Bard - growing up with naught but the tales from kin passed on, you know the power of words and music. Luckily, you've figured out
Fey Warlock- During a terrible drought, you once made a fevered dream deal with a Fey creature. You awoke to find your crop alive. Mysterious indeed. Especially since you cant shake the feeling that the deal was real....
Or even simply
Draconic Sorcerer- Well shit, that happened.

You could follow any of these paths, so be ready for it. A sort of choose your own adventure where you use the tools your given.

As a note: Remember, your commoners atm. Your stats will be 12/12/10/10/8/8 however you see fit. But just because you have an 8 CHA doesn't mean you can't receive a sorcerer blessing.

Might this put you behind on what you want to do? Maybe.
If you were given the blessing of sorcerous powers and you instead focus on being a BattleMaster fighter, that is your choice. Harry Potter was given the chance to be a wizard. It would be a different story if he instead wanted to become a cop or laywer to get back at his 'family'. Thor, rather than leaning upon his upbringing and being granted the power of what is basically a paladin, instead said screw that and became a Valkyrie (fighter) like he always wanted would change a few things as well. Its your choice whether to accept and train on the blessing or go a different route while having that skill as a backup. Or even do both.

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